Tengenkyoh Religion

1. Konpaku, will, and physical matter are the forces that drive the Grand Nature

  There are many visible material objects around us. We can easily recognize that these material objects do not have their own free wills. On the other hand, what we say "I" or "myself" is a being independent from physical matters, because we have our free wills, which do not obey laws of physics. We call this non-physical essential being with free wills a konpaku (konpaku konpaku ). That is, you are a konpaku and I am too. Each of us has one's own free wills, expresses them by words and attitudes using his or her human body, and moves other people and material objects around us into action. These three components; konpakus, wills and physical matters, are the forces that drive the Grand Nature (Figure 1).

  The Grand Infinite Natural Nature consists of the inside of the Menoh-no-Tama (menohnotama menohnotama , the Grand Nature) and the outside of it, which is infinite. The Menoh-no-Tama contains 35 Nana-U-Maris (nanaumari nanaumari ), each of which consists of seven universes just like a tangerine with seven segments. Thus, the Menoh-no-tama contains 245 universes. Nana-U-Maris are moving around at a speed of 0.1 billion light-years per year inside the Menoh-no-Tama by the energy transmitted from the motion of the wall of the Menoh-no-Tama. Our observable universe is inside of the one segment of a Nana-U-Mari.