Tengenkyoh Religion

2. Konpaku, mind-capsule, reikon, and rei (soul)

  An infinite number of konpakus, the origins of free wills, live for eternity in Grand Infinite Natural Nature and the total number of them remains constant and unchanged from everlasting to forever. As these konpakus contain no physical matters, they require no energy to maintain themselves.
  Every konpaku can transmit or receive wills only after putting on a transceiver of wills called "kokoro-no-utsuwa (kokoronoutsuwa kokoronoutsuwa ), or a mind-capsule" gifted by Yuhmujins, the omnipotent gods, who have powers over elementary particles and deal with "existingness" and "nothingness" at their own wills. For the sake of pleasure of every konpaku, the omnipotent gods created "reikon bodies (reikontaireikontai )" to facilitate manipulating more elementary particles and made many konpakus possess into reikon bodies on an one-on-one basis, and created reikons and their reikon-world. Thereafter they created "rei bodies (reitai reitai )" to facilitate manipulating ions and molecules, and made many reikons possess into rei bodies on a one-on-one basis, and created reis (commonly known as souls) and their rei-world (soul world) (Figure 2).
  Reikon bodies and rei bodies are made of a trace amount of substances. As substances gradually waste its energies and rot through various activities, reikons and souls require a small quantity of material energy; elementary particles for reikon bodies; or atoms, ions, and water and other molecules for soul bodies; to maintain their bodies in action just like living things requiring water and foods. Thus, having material bodies let konpakus have come to develop a desire, primarily to make up for the waste of energy of their bodies and also let it be a very important matter how to express one's wills and control the desire.

  A mind-capsule is a transmitter of wills that are given out from a konpaku who owned it and is also receiver of will-waves from other konpakus, All mind-capsules were created in the Yuhmujin world, the highest god world, and given to every konpaku. A mind-capsule has innumerable radial lines. When a konpaku gives out some will, its mind-capsule subtly vibrates, and the vibration transmits to the line, from which various waves occur at the same time and reach infinity in a moment. We call them "will-waves".