Tengenkyoh Religion

3. Gods and the spirit ranks

  An infinite number of konpakus who live just as they are, as reikons, or as souls possess their forces and speeds in which there are huge differences among individuals. These forces and speeds correlate positively with each other and determine the rank of the konpakus, the spirit-ranks (Table 1).
  Souls dwell in not only humans but all kinds of living things. The order of spirit-ranks of living things roughly parallel with the hierarchy of food chain. The spirit-ranks of living things vary greatly from the lowest one, such as the rank of souls controlling the bodies of amoebas, the souls in the higher ones controlling the bodies of fishes, trees and plants, insects, reptiles, birds, animals, domestic animals, and to the highest one in which the souls controlling the bodies of humans. A soul of human, as well as a soul of animal, dwells in and controls the overall system of one's body, which consist of a great number of cells controlled by souls of amoebas.
  We define the souls who are in the spirit-ranks higher than that of humans as "gods". There are also huge differences in forces and speeds among gods, ranging from the omnipotent gods who have whole control over generation or extinction of elementary particles at their own wills and can arrive everywhere inside and outside of the Grand Nature (Figure 1) in no time at all to the gods in the rank just above that of human closely controlling all the living things including humans who can only act around the earth with limited speeds (Table 1). It is difficult for the gods to recognize the gods in the other higher ranks just like for humans who can hardly recognize gods. Every phenomenon in the Grand Nature is controlled by the group of specialist gods who are well-versed in it and the gods who preside over them. Thus the number of gods is innumerably large.
  We call the souls "hotoke (hotoke hotoke )" who had lived as humans and left their human bodies. Thus, the spirit-rank of "hotoke (hotoke hotoke )" is comparable to that of humans.
Table 1: Spirit ranks    
Yuhmujins ( yumujin yumujin Omnipotent gods )
* The highest ranking gods who deal with "existingness" and "nothingness" at their own will, and preside over the Grand Natural Nature.

Ametsuchi-no-Kamis ( ametsuchinokami ametsuchinokami Creators )
* The gods who control the Grand Natural Nature.

Amatsu-Kamis ( amatukami amatukami )
* The gods who control each of the universes.

Kunitsu-Kamis ( kunitukami kunitukami )
* The gods who control each of the heavenly bodies.

Tenshi ( tenshi tenshi Angels )
* The gods charged with transmission or communication between higher ranking gods and the lower ones.

Ryuh-Oh ( ryuhoh ryuhoh )

Myohjins ( myohjin myohjin ) and Ryuhjin ( ryuhjin ryuhjin ).

* The gods who closely control all the living things (including humans), and control civilization. Myohjins include Inari ( inari inari ), Shohden ( shohden shohden ), Riten ( riten riten ), Bishamon ( bishamon bishamon ), and Fudoh ( fudoh fudoh ).
The highest

The rank of human and Hotoke Souls at the rank of living creature

The lowest
The ranks of animal and plant

*Cattles, foxes, horses, raccoon-dogs, pigs, dogs, water-imps, monkeys, snakes, cats, rats, and others.
The ranks of fish and shell-fish
The rank of amoeba