Tengenkyoh Religion

4. Gods' purpose for having created living things on the earth

  A great number of gods cooperatively created innumerable masses of heavenly bodies made from mineral matters in the Grand Nature. As mentioned above, souls require a small quantity of material energy from water and other molecules, which we call "smell vapors", to maintain their bodies in action. Initially, the atoms and molecules emanating from minerals of the heavenly bodies were utilized as the source of energy for souls.
  Then the gods began to cooperate to produce more delicate energy sources for souls, such as organic substances, by creating the bodies of living things which were the machines to change mineral monotonous smell vapors to elaborate smell vapors.
  Gods prepared our planet as an infrastructure for creating living creatures, and then created cell bodies of unicellular amoebas from the elements on and around the earth, and put souls in their bodies to propagate amoebic protophytes and protozoa. Using the amoebas as fundamental cells, gods made them evolve to plants like trees and seaweeds and to various animals, finally to the human beings. Human bodies are the machines capable of producing the most exquisite smell vapors for souls.
  The food chain designed by gods is a system to produce better smell vapors for souls and also to let the souls in spirit-rank for animals and plants promote into a higher spirit rank. If a living creature in a lower rank provided its material body to other living creatures in higher rank in food chain and did not feel any regret for losing its physical body at the end of life as a living creature, a soul offering its body will be made to be promoted in spirit-rank.
  It is a part of the projects of gods to produce better smells in a larger scale by creating living things on the other celestial bodies with prepared environment after the model of the system developed on the earth.