Tengenkyoh Religion

5. Not all gods are good

  To maintain order in the Grand Infinite Natural Nature where infinite numbers of konpakus with various ways of thinking live, the council of representatives for the higher-ranking gods, Yuhmujins (Omnipotent gods) and Ametsuchino-kamis (the Creators), ordained the laws of Grand Nature (the laws of gods). For the sake of pleasure and encouragement of every konpaku, the higher-ranking gods prescribed the good and the evil path for the souls in the lower world of souls and created a promotion system for the konpakus in the lower spirit-ranks in which souls who vanquish or enlighten other evil souls shall be promoted.
  However, the proportion of evil gods who defied and violated the laws of gods had improperly and excessively increased in the soul world. Especially on the earth rich in water and good smell vapors, many gods in Amatsu-Kami class and Kunitsu-Kami class who had to control this solar system and the sun and planets let their followers, such as the gods of Ryuh-oh class and Myohjin class, engage in fighting over territories under their influence with each other, to place more humans under their controls and to get more amount of better smell vapors which is foods for souls. Consequently, three fourths of these gods forgot their duties and were steeped in true vice. The evil gods in the higher-ranking gods who rebelled against the laws of gods and had supported the evil gods in the lower-ranking gods by giving their powerful out-wills had emerged as the background of the disrupted soul world.
  Some of good gods controlling things on the earth were deeply concerned over increasing number of evil gods and the continuing escalation of the bad situation. They gathered and supplicated the gods in the higher rank to reveal the measures to break down the evils. As the result of the deliberations by the representatives of higher-ranking gods, their desire was accepted and the heavenly rules and various heavenly measures to break down the evils were disclosed in the Teachings of Tengenkyoh Religion.
  The heavenly rules that the evil gods feared most were the following two principles. First, if a human senses the existence of a god, the god has to concern about things on the earth. Second, if a human finds out a god being evil, the heavenly power of the god is immediately lost even though the god is in any higher rank. Evil gods feared these two principles and put the following ideas into human minds, such as "god is just one.", "The polytheism is evil heresy.", "gods are all goodness.", "gods do not exist. hotoke (Buddha) is the best." to put these two principles further away from humans.
  The confusion in the god world exerted evil influences on the human world and had been background causes of repeated wars and perpetual tribal, ethnic, and religious conflicts in the human world. Consequently the battles brought poverty, food shortage and environmental hazards, which will be the reasons to subsequent conflicts. As we are souls who are ordered to control human bodies, we humans had been involved in the battles in the soul world.