Tengenkyoh Religion

6. Practice as human and improvement of one's fortune

  For souls in the rank of human and lower, to live in this world as a creature in a rank appropriate for the soul, including a human, an animal, or a plant, is to be given a chance for fast-track promotion for the higher spirit rank. All of us have been made to be born as humans with their intents to promote their spirit rank or with special missions ordered by gods. However all of us are made to forget our purpose to be born as humans, what we are, and existence of souls and gods. During our life as humans, we have to strive hard for our goals and execute our missions without knowing our purposes before birth. Among the courses to live as creatures, the course to live as human is the most difficult for promoting their soul rank, for there are many hurdles set by gods. Positive or negative influences from gods and the other souls and their wills affect the degree of difficulty of the course to live as human.
  Every soul pursuing one's practice to win the higher spiritual rank, including souls who control human bodies, must potentially accept responsibility for any failure occurred on the soul while being unvigilant, self-conceited, and in rapt fascination and consequently may drop out from the process of practice and cannot accomplish one's purpose. Thus any soul on practice should work on with taking care not to let oneself fall into such state.
  All the living things coming to this world have a duty to produce better smell vapors. For every soul who is to be born as human, the primary duty is to produce high-quality smell vapors from a human body that is currently the most skillful machine capable of producing the highest-quality smell vapors in the living things. We can make smell vapors by taking water and eating various food and eliminating some of them.
  The quality of smell vapors you produce depends largely on your mental attitude, that is, your heart. As you cannot make a good thing while you are angry or restless, you cannot produce good-quality smell vapors while you are always angry or irritating. You can produce good quality smell vapors with good heart which is a fellow-feeling, mercy-kindness heart. Also, we should work on staying as healthy as possible and not be choosy about foods and should have balanced diets.
  In terms of ensuring amount of smells, more people should live together on this small world while tolerating their different ideas and purposes that may sometimes be conflicting with each other. We must make efforts to solve the shortage of drinking water and foods, to eliminate entrenched poverty, to sweep away the national borders and ethnocentric nationalism, to foster blending of races, and to establish the world without wars and conflicts to make a place where more living things including human can live more comfortably.
  Therefore, to live up to the purpose of gods who create living things, we have to abandon such bad ideas and attitudes as always pursuing our own profits and pleasure without any regard to potential harmful effects on others and pushing our own unreasonable and insensate opinions and ideas without any consideration on others. Also each of us should try to have a grateful, fellow-feeling, and generous mind.
  Our daily behaviors are monitored and judged by some hundreds of gods. People whose natures and behaviors are not in line with god's purpose to produce large amount of good smell vapors will be exposed to the heavenly punishment and finally taken away from this culture as the thinned-out vegetables. On the other hand, people who produce better smell vapors will be supported in health and financial aspects by gods to facilitate the production of better smell vapors. Consequently their fortunes will lift. However, many hurdles and negative forces, such as penalties and punishment from gods due to your violations of the laws and rules of gods and negative effects from other souls who attack you and seek your help and some of their will-waves, will adversely affect your fortunes. It should be noted that even some conventional behaviors violate some of the laws and rules of gods.
  Some people owe additional duties before birth. Some are bearing their own punishments by gods in their former incarnation or charges of compensation for punishments of their ancestry by gods. Others are on special missions ordered by gods. They have to identify themselves and execute their duties in their lives as humans. To keep trying to carry out these additional duties will pave the way to a good fortune.