Tengenkyoh Religion

7.Sincere messages from Tengenkyoh

  It is a fallacy that gods exist to save people. Gods who directly rule us impartially judge our deeds in everyday life and give reward or punishment based on their judgments. Their judgments are subjected to be reviewed by higher-ranking gods who rule the gods who directly control people.
  As mentioned above, every phenomenon is produced from the three components of the Grand Nature, konpakus, their will-waves, and material objects. If you are in trouble with health or financial problems, you will need an appropriate medical service or money, respectively. However to solve these problems thoroughly, these visible solutions are not enough.
  In Tengenkyoh, we recommend you to abandon such bad ideas and attitudes as always pursuing your own profits or pleasure without any regard to potential harmful effects on others and pushing your own unreasonable and insensate opinions or ideas without any consideration on others. On that basis, we recommend you to chant the praying word to gods "Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten (Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten)" that means "May I be an exemplary person with the best of balance in all respects, full of affection and spirit of cooperation, and in accordance with truth, reason and laws." with the name of representatives of many good gods including the supreme gods to ask for their supervision over this world.
  You will experience the great power of gods if you practice things above mentioned. This temporal benefit bestowed to you by god is a reward for your recognition of gods and their purpose to create living things.
You have to faithfully and gratefully remember the great power of gods you experienced for the rest of your life. To solve suffering you were trapped in, you also have to study the cause of suffering from the viewpoints of souls and will-waves. You may have to sincerely apologize for the discourtesies to gods and/or remove adverse effects from souls and their will-waves by using the heavenly rules revealed by the Founder of Tengenkyoh religion. When these problems are solved, you can pursue the way of life for your purpose as a soul in concert with gods' purpose and consequently you will get a good fortune.