Everyone knows we cannot live alone or without achieving a mutually supportive relationship with many others. However, since the dawn of human history, wars and conflicts have repeatedly broken out on the earth.
    Many religions have told the importance of love and kindness to one's neighbors. However religious or sectarian differences have certainly underlain the causes of many of wars and conflicts. Do the gods who taught those teachings really want their followers to make wars? If they want, they must be beings who threaten the prosperity of humankind.
    Even though there are many racial or ethnic groups in the human race, we belong to the same humankind. To live together in the light of principle of mutual harmony and benefit, we must abandon selfish mind pursuing only for self, one's tribal, ethnic, and national profits at the risk of others; act against unjustifiable discrimination, ethnocentrism, nationalism, and racism; and try to tolerate the different ideas and purposes of others. Furthermore we should pursue the goal to realize a borderless world with no war on the entire earth, where freedom of immigration will not be deprived on the grounds of difference of nationalities.
    If more people know the true purpose of the gods for creating living things on the earth, we can change the world to be a better place where we can devote more efforts and resources for greening wasteland on the earth instead of military buildups. As a result, more foods can be produced; hunger and poverty will be reduced to great extent; and extremely wide wealth gap between the rich and poor areas will be corrected.
    Gods will cherish the people who follow the purpose of the gods for creating living things on the earth, or will make the current civilization perish from the earth as ancient ruins if many people keep on going against their purpose. Which way should we take?