3. Preface
 Our grand natural nature is controlled, and functions, at the will of Yuhmujins omnipotent Kamis or gods ( -Ref.gloss.), and Ametsuchi-no-Kamis, Creators ( Ref. gloss.) and Amatsu-Kamis and Kunitsu-Kamis (,, Ref. gloss.), by the waves of will that they give out.

I will tell you about the Heavenly rules urging you to chant 'Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten ' at any time, to pray to become (Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten ', and at the same time to experience the result.

Of the words ' Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten', Namu is spelled '' in Nipponese (Japanese) which is one of the old auxiliary verbs, and is used as an old auxiliary nowaday, and is the only word that means desire. It has been used to pray to the gods for favors.
The former means 'south', and the latter means 'no' or 'nothing', so that it can be read 'no-south'.
The very center of the south pole on the central axis of the earth is the only place where there are no southern directions. Thererfore, it can be taken as 'supreme'. Chuh is spelled '', Which is composed of '' and '', and from its spelling, means a center. There is nothing that does not have a center in the universe. All the heavenly bodies roll on their courses keeping their balance according to the function of their centers. You stand up or sit down keeping your balance. If your heart is not controlled by your sane mind, you will become mentally deranged. Thus, a center is absolutely indispensable to everything. If there is no central person in your family, your family will fall into disorder. Do not forget that there exist a couple of centers, female and male in your family. Koh is spelled '', which composed of '' and ''. The former means old, and the latter means young, so that Koh shows a figure that the old depend on their children, while the children hold them up or help them, that is, it means the spirit of co-operation, where true affec tion comes about. Miyoh is spelled '', which is composed of '' and '', and which has a meaning of 'a little girl' or 'a virgin girl'-this has a meaning of 'purity', and therefore, Miyoh means truth and reason. Hoh is spelled '', which means law and rule, and consists of the infinite natural laws laid down by gods, the way of humanity, and the laws of the country. Ten is spelled '', which means exemplary man. Therefore, it can be said that chanting ' Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten' is praying to gods "May I be an exemplary person with the best of balance in an respects, full of affection and spirit of co-operation, and in accordance with truth, reason, and law."

The infinite natural nature consists of spirit original souls ( Konpaku in Nipponese, life itself. Ref. p.17), waves of their out-will (the will given out when making up their mind about something), and electric original ions. I want you to pay attention to your ordinary conversation; to the spirit original souls (life itself. Ref. p. 17, 18), "There lives Mr. So and so ." , and on the other hand, "There is something." to an object. Even to the material body into which a spirit original soul has gotten, we say "There lives Mr. So and so", but when the spirit original soul is gone away from his body, we say about the body, "There is his body .",just as you do not say in English "There lives a body.' or "There lives a desk .'', but "There lives a man.". Here you have been aware, I believe, of 'living' of spirit original souls, and (existence' of the matter, that is, the world of living and the world of existence. I think you could see this to some extent that even in the world of nothingness where there are no material things, the spirit original souls can live.

There is neither large nor small capacity in the world of nothingness. Metaphorically speaking, 'nothingness' seems to be very small, but the world of the darkness you see when you shut your eyes has its infinite extent, and therefore, it can be said to be infinite. In all substances "existence' always occupies the same space that is occupied by 'nothingness' at the same time.

We can perceive 'nothingness' in contrast to 'existence', and conversely perceive 'existence' in contrast to 'nothingness'. If existence neutralizes nothingness, the result will be indeterminable or indistinguishable. There is 'positive and negative' connection between 'existence and nothingness', and so with between 'spirit original souls and substance'. The grand natural nature consists of the contrast between the negative and the positive. Minus always works upon plus. We call (omnipotent Kamis or gods' the spirit original souls who are the most omnipotent of the great number of the spirit original souls in the grand mother nature. Here occurs, I think, a question how these omnipotent infinite gods lived in the world of 'nothingness'. If this world of 'living' neutralized the world of 'non-living', another one indistinguishable between them would be created. You will not be able to know even whether there can be a will or not. You will not be able to recognize the two worlds of 'living' and bon-living' until the will is given out.

If gods had not had enough force to divide this neutralized and indistinguishable world into the world of 'living or not' and 'existence or not', they would not have been called 'omnipotent'.

Spirit original souls (lives themselves. Ref. p.17, 18) can live in the neutralized world, and at the same time they have no need of food. The grand natural nature has been created by these gods for the sake of all the spirit original souls' mental pleasure.

The waves of out-will which a spirit original soul gives out can reach the others instantly without being subject to the influence of any of the matter, so that your calling gods by names and prayer of 'Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten' can reach them immediately wherever they may be in the infinite natural nature. The omnipotent infinite gods can create a speed of infinite quantity. Your expression with languages are sound-waves consisting of wind-waves or air-waves and ether-waves which occur by using your machines of physical bodies in order to communicate your will to the other spirit original souls, that is, in order to communicate your mind-will (the thoughts you have in your mind which you have not expressed; the will which is not active, but is still inside; only thinking of something in your mind; a mind-capsule that does not yet vibrate) as out-will (the will given out when making up one's mind about something) to other spirit original souls. Here, (mind-will (inner will)' means that you only think of something in your mind, and 'out-willmeans that you make up your mind about something and give out the will or thought.

The spirit original souls with omnipotence divided the world of existingness from the neutralized world indistinguishable between existingness and nothingness in co-operation with each other.
Herein all original matters came into existence. I call this power "gods' mighty force".

We call 'ether' a counteractive neutral material, the origin of a unity which consists of negative and positive electric original ions. The gods divided this ether into two kinds of electric original ions, negative and positive, and by blending the former with the latter in moderation, created innumerable Shohs, atoms, and molecules of various sizes. It goes without saying that grand natural nature has been enveloped in intensely heated gases in that process. Thus, when, in the infinitely great capacity of nothingness, the same size of the one of existingness was made, the grand natural nature was created.

The spirit original souls ( Ref. gloss.) in the rank of Creator and higher, collect electric original ions and Shohs, and at their own will mold out of them many kinds of spirit soul bodies (Ref. p.18), into which other spirit original souls enter; namely spirit souls ( Ref. p.l8).
Between a couple of female and male spirit souls, by division of the female spirit soul body, new spirit soul bodies are created, into which other spirit original souls join; and results in the delivery of spirit souls.

The high ranking spirit souls ( Ref. p.17, l8) collect Shohs, atoms, and molecules, molding machines of spirit bodies (Ref. p.18) into which other spirit souls enter; namely souls ( Ref. p.18). Between a couple of female and male souls, by division of the female soul body, new soul bodies are created, into which other spirit souls enter; and results in the delivery of souls.

The delivery of spirit souls and souls are done at the will of gods appointed to control such deliveries. In the Kojiki (Nipponese myths of gods), "Kakuremi nite aremaseru" suggests that spirit original souls or spirit souls live with invisible figures in god-rank, and "Kami umare maseru" suggests that the gods were born into the soul-world from the spirit soul world.

Spirit soul bodies and soul bodies wear themselves out and waste their energies by the action and the function of these bodies. The former need corpuscles, Shohs, and ether, and the latter need water and smell vapor in order to avoid exhaustion, so that the spirit souls and the souls live by taking living-ions from various living things.

In creating Shohs, atoms, and molecules, grand natural nature became a mass of intensely heated gases, when many foams (245 foams) were created. These foams are universes, into which upper ranking gods have been inducing various highly heated gases and cooling them to create many heavenly bodies. Thus, all the heavenly bodies were created. Every heavenly body, so to speak, is a clod of smell vapor, from which the gods have been creating various better smell vapor, food for souls, through various machines.

This is the reason why various machines of living things were created. Gods started on production of smell vapor as followings: first by creating many kinds of single cells (for animals and plants) with Shohs, atoms, molecules, and moisture, next by getting the souls to enter into these cells who are in the rank of 'amoeba', and getting the souls to use the machines (cells).

Between female and male these amoebas increase by division of the female bodies into a great number of bodies, into which the other souls in the rank of amoeba enter with their own duties.
Gods create, starting with the single cells, various machines for smell vapor by linking different kinds of single cells together in many ways.

At first, in the gods world, Creators and the gods presiding over transformation originate various shapes and figures of machines, and create them from many kinds of Shohs (Ref. gloss.).
And they have other gods carry them to the under world, where they let amoebas get into those shapes and figures, and let them divide, linking each cell together in accordance with those hapes
and figures. Thus, gods have brought various bodies to completion.

They continued to improve on the models of Shoh, and to evolve the machines for production of better smell vapor into the more successful figure of human bodies. Nowaday, the human bodies have become the best machines for production of smell vapor.

You yourselves, charged with your own duties, have been operating your bodies, and producing many kinds of smell vapor which are useful nutriments for the other amoebas and for many souls through the mechanical function of bodies, and thanks to the works of various amoebas.

Can you do anything successfully when you do it in anger? I am sure that you could not do it properly. If your bodies are used in anger, your body machines will be out of order and cannot make good smell vapor. So, people who give out negative and positive anger are to be punished.
For that reason, I call upon you to stifle your anger from the bottom of your heart. Gods call upon people to reflect on their anger by giving them many kinds of bitter trials, ones from the outside to those who send out the negative anger, and ones from the inside to those who send out the positive anger. Gods also punish people who take any action that destroys the physical body machines, so that you must always be careful of your conduct. All the machines created by gods for production of smell vapor have been controlled with heat-energies and with their will waves.

If there lives anyone who can say "Nay, I've been controlling my body for myself.", I dare to say "Can you stop your heart-beating at your will?" If you were able to stop or stir your heart-beating even for a moment, you could say so. I imagine that most of people in the world are afraid that their hearts stop beating. What can be the reason why all the members of a family usually grieve when someone dies of heart failure? You can easily understand that it is not you who have been controlling your heart-beating. You have not been controlling it, but only managing your body machines.

Therefore, it becomes necessary for people to reconsider the way they should live because they are given punishment according to the way they manage. Just as farm-products are cultivated by you, so all the bodies of living things created on the earth, as previously described, are cultivated by gods in order to make better smell vapor.

In the case of your farm-products, you select what has a good smell, and root out and throw away what has a bad smell. And, if they do not grow up to your expectations, you will leave them alone without applying any manure.

You may be unaware that you use perfume in order to cover up the bad smell of your bodies.
You can understand that, like you, souls want and like good smells. As you know in the case of the change of vegetables, they have been changed in quality. What smells bad is discarded, giving place to good smelling and good tasting ones.

So with human beings. Those who have good body-odor (not in the view of humans , but of righteous gods) prosper, while those who have bad body-odor fall to ruin. With you, if yours become bad, you will not be given any substance from gods and will become poverty-stricken.
Once regarded as useless, you may be culled out or cut off and thrown away.

How can your body-odor become better? You should find it here. It is impossible for you to improve your body-odor only for yourselves.

Now that you pray "Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten (May I be an exemplary person with the best of balance in all respects, full of affection and spirit of co-operation, and in accordance with truth, reason, and law.)", you must put bad parts of your nature (obstinacy, stubbornness, selfishness, and egotism) aside. All the bodies of living things, animals and plants, are not only the machines for production of smell vapor, but also the bodies for Gyoh ( disciplinary bodies) used in order to gain a higher rank as souls. You had already finished your duties of various lower ranks through each body, and now, you live in this world to do Gyoh ( discipline) through 'human bodies' which are the highest of all the bodies for Gyoh, and you are now doing your Gyoh as human beings.

As you had already finished various Gyohs (disciplines) as animals, you must abandon all the bad traits and habits you had in previous births. You must not have the same bad traits as all the other animals. With the Gyohs on the mountains, you had better leave the animals there, and with the Gyohs in the water, you had better leave the aquatic animals and fish there. I wish you to do the Gyoh as human beings in this world.

Humans, in comparison with animals, are absolutely superior to them on the very point of being gifted with a talent to make use of fire. But we must not forget that it was taught from plants. Humans are inferior to the other animals on the point of the ability to exist: they are inferior to all the other animals in the ability to even search for their mother's nipples as infants; on the other hand, the other animals can search for them by themselves. Even chickens with eyes still closed open their mouths on hearing their parents flapping their wings. Human beings, if left alone on a continent, will become mentally unbalanced in a short time, and unable to live. Even if they grow up, they can neither know nor do anything without being taught by others.

On this point, I think that the question of how humans should live can be easily solved. First, humans must have a sense of gratitude, and a co-operative spirit with which they strive to help one another. They must not be egoists who think only of themselves. If they did not have various atoms gathered by other living things, it would be impossible for them to make smell vapor. So, in this respect, they should love other living things.

Gods punish people for all their actions that intentionally exterminate their disciplinary bodies and also kill other animals' ones needlessly. Then, what do gods demand from humans in this world? It is that humans are to overthrow wickedness, to make an earthly paradise, and to make it possible to produce better smell vapor. Those who act against these aims will be visited with Heavenly unishment. For this reason, those who have traits such as obstinacy, stubbornness, selfishness, and egotism are to be punished and will be visited by greater misfortunes gradually as the years progress starting at the time you committed sins. The result of Heavenly judgement ars in various forms; diseases, depression in business, failure in undertakings, bitterness in the family, and other misfortunes. It can be said that one feels bitter in proportion to the depth of one's sin, and therefore, I advise the people, first of a11, who feel most bitter in a family, to reflect upon and correct their bad traits, to cling to gods from their heart, and to pray for true happiness in life.

At the time you reflect about and absolutely correct your bad traits, and moveover, reach a step without breaking any commandments (rules) laid down by gods, your bitter Gyohs (disciplines) come to an end, that is, all the trials of financial difficulty, diseases, and bitterness in the family will dissolve. The rest of your Gyohs then becomes one only for the promotion in rank as souls, and gods won't fail to let other people help you get well. Manure is applied to you all the more because your smell vapor are good.

Here I make a vow that I will forgive you your sins, get rid of bitterness, and let some gods be charged with special protection (personal protection) for you from the moment that you believe in righteous gods, cling to them from your heart, observe the rules laid down by them, reflect on yourselves, and correct your bad traits. I am sure that you will experience the change immediately.

You were born in the human world in order to gain a higher rank as a soul by accomplishing your duties as a human. The fact of livingness of gods and other spirits has been hidden from you, because, if the fact were known, all the Gyohs (disciplines) would lose their fun. You, as souls, rise in rank by completely achieving your duties. Therefore, gods watch over your Gyohs (disciplines) all the time-always watch over you checking what kind of will-waves you give out, and the way you behave, and they reward or punish according to your just deserts. Gods are not your servants. They are not under any obligation to help you, but have the authority to call on you for grave reflection. Therefore, the first consideration is to reflect on yourselves and correct your bad traits.

Upper gods send to each of your homes water gods ( Suijins) to watch over drinking water, and eight Kohjins () to protect your physical bodies which are the machines for production of smell vapor, food for souls. You have to be aware, first of all, of their protection.
You should know that you will be punished by gods and will meet with various disasters such as diseases, business depression, and many ailments if you desecrate the places these gods protect without begging for permission, and also if you take such action that destroys disciplinary bodies.

I wish you to bear in your mind that circumstances are not taken into consideration in the spirit world. Benevolence does not grow until a spirit original soul has its own body; physical body, soul body, spirit soul body. In this respect, upper ranking gods make their servants (gods) who have their own bodies (soul bodies) and are bestowed with Heavenly power send, and make them protect the human world, and make them check up on its aspect. Therefore, you must deify Inari ( fox-gods), Shohden ( raccoon dog-gods), Myohjin (), Ryuhjin ( Dragon gods), Bishamon (), and other gods who are upper ranking gods' servants, not deify their figures or bodies, but their ranks of god. I wish you to be careful and not to make a mistake on this point. If you deify idols, figures made by you, you will be punished by misfortune, because it is the same as making little of gods. You will also meet with misfortunes according to your treatment of the following; aspects of houses, treatment of things after birth (containing downyhair, water of baby's first bath, blood, and so forth), Omoi (the will-waves of heart burning loveattached from other sex), Renbo (the will-waves of your heart burning love-attaching to other sex), Nenryoh (grudge, hatred, jealousy, envy, and others), Shiryoh (Nenryoh left behind after death), Shuhnen (tenacity: strong desire for a subject), Hotokes (the souls who finished their disciplines as human, and went back to the spirit world-Chapt. 23) clinging to you, Butsudans (houses or altars where Hotokes are worshipped), the aspects of grave-stones, and grave-yards, disposition of ashes after death, godly punishment, Heavenly punishment, evil souls, the gods prone to evil, the living thing-souls clinging to you, the sins of unawareness of divine protection, the sins of ungratefulness to gods, and etc. It is necessary for you to inquire into what kinds of sins have caused your misfortunes, to apologize and reform yourselves, and to have their causes gotten rid of with our Kuyoh-Hohs, Heavenly rules to escape from various disasters. I think you sometimes hear "It serves him right. It is because he is not always well-behaved." What does it mean?