13. Sui-jins ( water-gods) and Ido-gamis ( well-gods)

 They are the gods charged with the protection of physical bodies for Gyohs (disciplines) in connection with water. The soul bodies that these kinds of gods possess are liable to get burnt by heat like all living bodies. The well-gods are charged with protection for wells and springs, the water-gods are charged with protection of water necessary for humans such as wells, springs, water supplies and drainages, ponds, water pools, baths, and other places. They punish those who behave in such a way as to impair their health or destroy their physical bodies. Therefore, you must not wash off impurities or filthy things around the places they are charged with protection, for one person's carelessness can caused great damage to many people's physical bodies.

 The Suijins give a warning to those who commit a blunder like this, and give godly punishment in order to destroy the vice. They often make lovely children develop high fever, or sometimes even take their lives. You must not have drains, drain-pipes or manholes into which impurities or filthy things pour near the supplies of drinking water. You should keep these drains more than six Syaku (about six feet) away from the water supplies of drinking water, for sewage may get into the drinking water. Without care, your households, and you yourselves, will be subject to epilepsy, poliomyelitis, or other sicknesses, and become unlucky. If you sweep a drain without any previous notice to water-gods, or if you leave dirty water and dirty things lying about, you will be in danger of suffering from a cold, high fever, diarrhea, or an epidemic. If you wash things stained with feces and urine in the ponds, or if you let drain water pour into the ponds, your fortune will decline, and someone will always be ill in your family. If you pass urine while swimming in the ponds, it will bring on a chill or a fever. In this case, even if you consult a doctor, the cause of your sickness will be unknown. If you wash baby diapers at the well, in the water-supply (for drinking and cooking water), or in the sink, or if you pour the water of the first ten days' cleaning bath after child-birth there, you will suffer from cholera infantum (children's dysentery) as a punishment, and will sometimes die of it if luck turns against you. And, women in child-bed will be doing badly after birth, and someone in their family will always be sick. Your fortune also will decline gradually. When the babies arrive at the age of marriage, they often have chest trouble, and other ailments. If you are punished by these kinds of gods, you will be swiftly put out of business. And also, at the well side, or at the sink, if, without any previous notice, you pour such hot water that you can not put your hand into it, or something so hot that you can not touch it, you will be punished by being afflicted with eye-diseases, lung-diseases, pneumonia, erysipelas, pleurisy, or skin blisters. For these gods get scalded in their soul-bodies. Therefore, you must use discretion in dealing with hot pots and pans put over the fire, and hot water, oil and other hot liquids.

 One day a certain person, who suffered from a bad inflammation similar to a burn, was diagnosed as erysipelas already beyond medical treatment. He remembered that he had put a singing kettle from the fire on the sink, and then begged the water-gods forgiveness from his heart for his fault. On the next day he got well so quickly that his doctor marvelled. Another was afflicted with skin blisters after splashing the sink with boiling oil. me other, a child, was attacked with violent purging and high fever after putting its muddy hands into a spring gushing clean water. And also, you must not make repairs, transfer or demolish water supplies, sinks, and wells without previous notice. If you do, you will be punished periodically. A certain person's son suffered from obstinate diarrhea. He remembered having changed the position of the sink for a space of just an inch, and when he begged the water gods' forgiveness for having changed its position without previous notice, he quickly got well. Sinks especially must always be kept clean.

 You should try to make a favorable impression on the water-gods who make visits of inspection to the sink. When disinfecting the sinks with boiling water, you should give the water-gods previous notice. If you leave thick garbage in the sinks, you will be afflicted with itch, or eruption or a swelling like erysipelas. Punished by water-gods, first you will suffer from a chill, a cold shivering fit, heaviness, high fever, which induce many diseases. On the occasion when water cocks are frozen solid and will not turn on and off, you should give the water-gods your previous notice before you dash boiling water on the cocks. If you do so without any previous notice, your family will be in a constant upheaval, or be ill-fated. And, as to a well-bucket, if you use it without cleaning it with clear water, you will suffer from diarrhea. Though you are not punished for throwing anything into a drain, if you clean it without any previous notice, you will sometimes suffer from diarrhea or high fever, or if you leave it unclean or obstructed, you will suffer from constipation, sometimes even cancer.

 Even if you should be punished by some disease by the water-gods, you can get well quickly if only you offer your sincere apology to them for your fault, and beg their forgiveness while you chant Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten Quay I be an exemplary person with the best of balance in all respects, full of affection and spirit of co-operation, and in accordance with truth, reason, and law.) and sprinkle salt for purification. When your apology is accepted, you should escape further danger by using the Kuyoh-Hoh (Heavenly rule; Ref. Chapt. 25) to clear away from the universe the will-waves (thought-waves) those gods gave out to punish you. Water-gods, both Husband and Wife, who are charged with protection of water are often accompanied by their dependants such a Ryuh-Oh (Dragon King), Ryuhjin (Dragon), and other followers.

 The wells where you draw drinking water are also presided over by well-gods in addition to water-gods. The well-gods are also accompanied by many dependants. You must be very careful lest filthy water or any kind of filth should flow into the wells. You must not step on them, not even put your foot on them. A family who lives in a house with a structure to walk over a covered well will suffer a succession of misfortune. The chief supporter there will die an early death, there will be born a miserable or ill-fated child, some member will be constantly infirm, or a match-making will fail. You have to build every well high above the ground, and must not put anything on it even when the lid is shut. A family who lives in a house whose foundation has been built on a well will not be successful, and will sometimes be attacked with cancer.

 One of the examples of a well-god's and a water-god's punishment was that a certain man was severely punished for having put his shoes on the well-lid in order to dry them in the sun; and another was punished by being put out of business for having piled some wood for fuel on the well. This is the reason why a family who lives in a house with an old or a discarded well has more chances of experiencing great misfortune. You had better bury those wells under the ground with clean earth, sand gravel, or pebbles after you express your thanks to the gods for their protection and you sprinkle on them salt for their purification and ask them to leave their posts through the Kuyoh-Hoh (the Heavenly rule to make spirits leave: Ref. Chapt. 25). If they are buried without any previous notice, even if you do not take part in doing it, the members, including you, who live in the house will meet with one disaster after another. In this case, you should send off the water-gods who have come charged with the protection of the wells and water. When you bury them under the ground, if you bury them with dirt and rubbish and the like, you will meet with some disaster. You must be careful so that you do not wash diapers or other unclean things in or beside the wells, and that you do not spit phlegm or spittle in the wells. If you do, you will be visited with disasters such as indigestion, diarrhea, high fever, or other illnesses. Or, especially your mother will be sickly. Even if foul water or a drain pipe passes by a well, you will get ill with convulsions, epilepsy, brain trouble, and so forth. It is best that you move the pipe to another place for which you will not be punished. Moreover, even in moving it, you should not forget to give the Kohjin-gods your previous notice. Godly punishment brings not only the misfortune of disease but also of business depression and poverty. Many persons were often killed or injured near an old well while they engaged in public works. As for an old well you intend to destroy, you should never fail to tell the well-gods beforehand that you will destroy it, and to sprinkle salt for purification and to do the Kuyoh to send off the well-gods before you begin to destroy it. when you want to cool something to eat in the well, you should cleanse it in clear water before you cool it. As for trials and punishments by a well-god, you can get free of them if you sprinkle salt for purification and apologize for your fault while chanting 'Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten'.

 After that, however, you need to have the will-waves (thought-waves) cleared off which have already been given out to punish you through the Kuyoh for the well. Thus, you can be free from this kind of periodical disasters.