20. Omoi and Renbo

 When A yearns after B, B is subject to the influence of A's will-waves (thought-waves). All the phenomena that happen on B's side we call (Omoi', and on the other hand, (Renbo' all the reactionary phenomena that happen on A's side. The phenomena of Omoi and Renbo are liable to happen from broken love affair, one sided love, love at first sight, yearning, and so forth.

 Suppose that there are two young people, one is in one-sided love with the other, and in the end the latter, even if the latter doesn't know of the one-sided love, will meet with some disaster periodically starting from the year the latter marries someone else. We call this a (disaster of Omoi', while the former won't fail to meet with a (disaster of Renbo'. In case ofmutua1 love, as Omoi falls on Renbo doubly, it can be said the disasters are much bigger.

 When Omoi comes upon you, you see the other party in a dream. The extreme case is that your wife's face sometimes looks like the other party's, or you call someone else who has yearned after you even when you intend to call your wife. When things have come to this pass, some member of your family falls ill, or has a slump in business, or the couple do not get on well together. Any other marriage will end in failure.

 When you yearn after the other party passionately, you have few offers of marriage, and often move far away. Such a person usually remains unmarried for life without saying anything about it.

 If you have fallen deeply in love with someone else, you and your family in turn often suffer from various diseases round the waist: you feel an itch or pain, in turn, round the waists and privates.

 A person who is dearly yearned for comes unconsciously to like the same things as the other party likes. And, moreover, on rare occasions, the person's daily conduct comes to resemble the other's very closely.

 There once came a certain person who was suspicious of a series of disasters and failures.

 When I said to him "That's due to the disasters of Omoi.", he replied "I do not remember having done such a thing like that at all. I never went near such a lady." When I said "She is now thirty-five years old, and takes pleasure in getting dressed in the Kimono with the simplified design of parallel crosses dyed black on it." He said "That's right. It's that woman, I'm sure. She lives in Kyoto now. As I can get there easily, I'll go and ask after her." A few days later, he came back with a look of fright and said, "That's the house of the parents of my cousin's wife. My cousin was already dead in Shanghai. When I visited the house, an old woman came out, and abruptly said, "You're a very mean fellow. I never thought you would come here. I wonder how you could have the cheek to come again. You said you would not enter any family as an adopted son, but you became an adopted son of another family. You're an inhuman liar!" I was quite confused at such a sudden greeting, and just then a daughter (then 35 years old) came out of the back room, and complained, "How dared you deceive us?" As I felt so nerv6us, I called out her younger sister (my cousin's wife), with whom I went to pay a visit to her husband's grave. On the train, I said to her "How old are you?" "I'm thirty-three." she replied. "Do you happen to have a Yukata (a kind of Kimonos) with the simplified design of parallel crosses?" "No, I don't, but elder sister does, and treasures it." "Have you ever thought of me?" "Never. But, elder sister has been consumed with love for you. So even now, she remains unmarried waiting for you. I feel pity for her." When I was told that, a cold thrill ran through my whole frame, and a shudder passed over me." This case of Omoi accompanied by a dreadful grudge brought on all the more pain. He was to recall what had happened to him periodically since the time when she longed for him. He looked back upon his past, and said as follows.

 "It's a full twelve years since the family wished to adopt me. When I consulted a famous physiognomist (reader of faces) for his well-reading in Shanghai, I was told I should meet with a great disaster, a matter of life or death, next year. I was recommended by my brother to call on you and to consult you about this matter. The next year' means the term of (the thirteenth year' you said. Looking back upon my past during the third year, the fifth year, the seventh year, the ninth year I always met with great misfortunes, and last year I failed in business, and so things have come to this pass. Last year fell on the eleventh year. Indeed, all my misforunes happened on these odd years. I barely managed to retrieve my fortune a few times, but the joy was only short-lived each time, and in the end, I was reduced to penury again. Now there's no room for doubt. Save me, please."

 He succeeded in his business enough to pay off most of his debts after the Omoi was extinguished by practising our Hitogata-Hoh (Heavenly rule for escaping from disasters of Omoi: Ref.Chapt21).

 Omoi causes various disasters such as bronchial asthma, tympanitis (inflammation of the middle ear), lung-troubles, high fever, ague, and other diseases, or sometimes drives you mad. For example, suppose that here are two persons, man and woman who were once in love with each other in their youth, but that, unfortunately, for some reason they separated and each married someone else. If they can not give each other up in their hearts, and they often think of each other, their will-waves (thought-waves) of the Omoi and the Renbo will be given forth every time they think of each other, and will bring great disasters upon them periodically after they establish separate homes. And, in this case, of course, there will be a certain strangeness between the married couple. However often the man may change his wife, he can not make a successful home - he loses his wife, or someone in his family is always laid up. Even if he succeeds in his work, he can not make a happy home, and therefore, he can not be said to be a truly successful man. As for his financial condition, it will show a great change periodically, and he will have a life of much bitterness. On the other hand, on the woman's side, however often she changes her husband, she loses him, or he becomes prodigal, and for that reason she always falls out with him. Besides, someone in her family becomes ill in bed periodically, so that the expenses go on increasing. When she feels relieved at her husband's success, the situation suddenly reverses itself. Thus, she has no end of trouble. Many of the people who have experienced broken love affairs are not blessed with good wives or husbands.

 In case of one-sided love, they have few chances of marriage, and often unconsciously leave the places where their lovers live and go far away. The disasters from Omoi and Renbo periodically befall you starting from the year either of the two marries someone else. In the case of a husband having some Omoi from some woman other than his wife before marriage, the disaster of Omoi mostly falls upon his wife, and on the other hand, in the case of his wife, it mostly falls on her husband, and he sometimes goes mad.

 To get free from danger of Omoi, you use our Hitogata-Hoh (the Heavenly rule for protection against the disasters from Omoi) and Kuyoh-Hoh (the Heavenly rule to extinguish will-waves of Omoi) for clearing away Omoi. In most cases, a disease, if only caused by Omoi, can be cured by practising Hitogata-Hoh (Ref. Chapt. 21) only one time the first days. However, you must take care especially till you finish the seventh day's practice, as some trouble between husband and wife, or some sudden happening may occur during your practising the Hitogata-Hoh.

 Those who have yearned after someone before (Renbo) are liable to suffer from some disease about the waists, genital troubles, sexual frigidity or evasion, so that they may have marital differences. There are many instances where children are afflicted with some disease from Renbo coming upon their parents. The parents can escape the disasters of Renbo by begging gods' forgiveness and by using the Kyuhoh-Hoh to extinguish the will-waves (thought-waves) of their Renbo (the Heavenly rule to extinguish the will-waves which you gave out when you yearned for or wanted to love someone of the opposite sex).

 According to your jobs, there are times when you are likely to be yearned for by great crowds of people. If you are careless, or disregard the disasters of Omoi, you will meet with more and more serious disasters periodically as years advance, so that you may come to a bad end.