22. The Omoi from gods

 The case of a man (or a woman) who is yearned for by a goddess (or a god) taking the part of humans in the underworld happens when either of a couple of gods fails in the course of their mission and is degraded to a human.

 Such a human does not want to accept any offers of marriage, lives single, and, even if married, can not bear the sight of the wife (or husband), and can not stand even the smell of her (or him).

 Such a person will lead an unhappy life because even if marry several times, he (or she) lives separately or is divorced in the end.

 In a case like that, you can escape from the disaster by practising our God's Omoi Torinozoki-Hoh (the Heavenly rule to extinguish the will-waves from god's Omoi).

 You may possibly be yearned for by failure-gods.
A couple of failure-gods are usually ordered on missions apart from one another as Heavenly punishment, and therefore, they can not come to know each other or where each lives, and both of them become blind in the matter of love.

 Anyone will do if only the other party is a man for the failure-goddess (a woman for the failure-god).
When such a failure-god (or goddess) possesses a human, he (or she) has an abnormal love. It's really difficult to deal with him (or her).