24. Nenryoh and Shiryoh

 Nenryoh is the phenomena caused by the will-waves (thought-waves) of grudge, envy, stinginess, jealousy, anxiety, or others. Shiryoh is the phenomena caused by the waves of above will left behind after death. If you have a grudge against someone for some reason, it will cause the person some disaster periodically after you have forgotton it completely. Of course, you who have a grudge will be punished by gods, and will taste the bitterness of life. A resented person can escape from any disasters of others' Nenryoh with Nenryoh-Taisan Kuyoh-Hoh (the Heavenly rule to escape from the disasters of others' Nenryoh). On the other hand, a person who once had a grudge against another person can escape from any disasters of his own Nenryoh with Nenryoh Zange Kuyoh-Hoh (the Heavenly rule to escape from the disasters of his own Nenryoh). The phenomena of Nenryoh does not happen until a person himself bearing a grudge against someone gives it up and forgets it completely. Nenryoh from a person who forgets his grudge too soon is horrible. While he keeps on bearing a grudge against you, you fare rather better, but suddenly begin to go wrong from the time he stops and thinks no more of you by taking you as a man of devi1's luck, because a phenomenon of Nenryoh will not come forth until a grudger ceases to bear a grudge. Many of the people who are resented intensely are successful because there live too many people who are given to peevishness in the world. It is usual in the world that they do not take over until the successors die their natural death, and therefore, their Nenryoh brings ruin upon the successors' descendants. This is the reason why businesses are often bankrupt after the founders' death.

 Nenryoh brings various disasters not only upon the resented persons themselves but also upon anyone in their family. It keeps on even though they once had a grudge against each other in the past, but are now on good terms with each other.

 When a sick person has an inquiry from someone, his condition is very changeable, either better or worse, according to visitors. He often gets worse even if he eats the food given to him as a comfort in his sickness from the visitors who once had grudges against him. Even when they come to the front door, it brings him much pain. If such a person begins to feel pain at and after 12 o'clock at night, feels worst pain about 2 a.m. or 3 a.m., and the pain goes off little by little from about 5 o'clock in the morning, you may take the pain for the Nenryoh (grudge) which is caused by other's Nenryoh (grudge). This is also applicable in the case of the phenomena during the daytime. As for a curse, it is done between 1:38 a.m. and 2:38 a.m., and so the cursed are much in pain during the period. You can escape from the disasters of curses with Juso-Taisan Kuyoh-Hob (the Heavenly rule to escape from the disasters of curses and spells). If you are under a curse, Nenryoh (grudge), or Shiryoh (grudge left behind after death), and are in pain, you hold on to some lighted Senkohs (incense sticks) for the moment to keep the smoke alive, and you can escape from the pain for the present, (in case of severe pain, at the same time you put a burning candle at your bedside.) and call your other party to rememberance, and call its name and say, for instance, "Mr. So and so, I'm blame. I beg your pardon." whether you are wrong or not. And you hold on to sixteen lighted Senkohs (incense sticks), chant 'Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten', and pray to the gods to get rid of Nenryoh or Shiryoh. After that, before the sticks burn out, you may move the fire of the sticks to an Uzumaki-Senkoh (circular incense stick, Ref. gloss.) in order to keep the smoke alive longer, for you feel easy while the smoke is kept alive, but if it stops smoking, you will feel pain again. To prevent delay, you may light even a bundle of sticks in its entirety. After such proper steps as above, you use each Kuyoh-Hoh to root up Nenryo, Shiryoh, or Juso (curses or spells)_ Nenryo or grudge has its main source in many kinds of troubles such as marital trouble, family trouble, monetary trouble, business trouble, sexual trouble, and other troubles. Besides, as you know, there is even an instance where people have unreasonable grudges against you. A certain person was afflicted with cataract because he incurred a grudge due to his demand for payment of a debt.

 The Nenryoh (grudge) attributable to marital trouble and sexual trouble often causes a cancer and similar affections.

 A certain person was afflicted by five cancers in his bowels. The cancers were the result of five women's grudges against him. "If you do not forgive him, his cancers will never be gone." I said to his wife. On hearing this, she threw herself down crying and said "I've borne him a deep rooted grudge till now. I was really intolerant of his mercilessness, and I offered up the prayer for his death at the Fudoh (god) enshrined at my house."

 A certain person came and said that he dreamed a dream "My grandmother's Kimono is pawned. If I do not get it out of pawn and give it back to her, my cough will not pass away." Afterwards, when I asked his mother about the Kimono, it proved true that the Kimono had been pawned. Then, when he got it out of pawn and gave it back, his cough passed away easily.

 A certain person came near to losing his life because he got a woman with child, smothered it at birth, and deserted her for another. 1f one keeps on subjecting others to grief, their grudges one after another will bring him to a miserable end. As for the diseases and misfortunes caused by Nenryoh (grudge), you will recover quickly if only you ask pardon of the other party, and the Nenryoh is only extinguished by the Kuyoh-Hoh to extinguish the will-waves (thought-waves) of the Nenryoh. In apologizing, you do not have to see and ask pardon of the other party itself.

 You may do so by calling the other party to your mind at any place you like. When you are attacked by some person's Nenryoh, you don't fail to dream about him, your family is liable to get angry, and you sometimes come to resemble him to some extent in your behavior. When you prepare your husband's favorite meal and wait for him, and he does not come home on time on this day of all days, you may take this as a phenomenon caused by Nenryoh (grudge) from someone who knows what his favorite food is.

 As for your Nenryoh against others, you have to repent of your sins and to pray to the gods forgiving you and expiating your sins through the Kuyoh-Hoh. Otherwise, you will meet with some disaster as Heavenly punishment. If you disregard public morality, you will be attacked by the masses Nenryoh (grudge). This Nenryoh also occurs where there is a struggle between nations.

 You have to escape from the disaster beforehand with Taishuh-Nenryoh-Taisan Kuyoh-Hoh (the Heavenly rule to extinguish the will-waves of the masses Nenryoh).

 In case of Shiryoh, you say "I'm wrong, and beg your pardon, and I will help you to get to Johbutsu (blissful and peaceful state)}', and afterwards, you have to do each Kuyoh (religious ceremony) for it. People sometimes say "When that fellow puts in an appearance, every thing goes wrong with me." If you have had an experience like this, you have to remember whether or not you incurred someone's enmity in the past. We have many instances where some persons had not heard from the other parties since they parted from each other long years ago, but the other parties came to beg their pardon after they had the Nenryoh taken off. Even when you dream of someone, you have to look back upon what has happened between you and the person in the past, for you will become unhappy if there is some struggle between you: for instance, you are put out of business, especially when you meet the person, because of the will-waves (thought-waves) of mutual feud in the past even though the feud has entirely slipped mutual memory. On the contrary, people also say "That person's visit always brings me luck}' That is also possible, because the person's happiness in the past brings you luck, which shows itself in that way. This is one of the reasons you ought to rejoice others. The grudges of crowds of people in the world bring great damage of a drought and great world-wide disasters on you, and on the other hand, rejoicing brings a rich harvest and an earthly paradise.