25. Animal-souls that possess human bodies, and Kuyohs


When the spirits who once came into existance with certain living things' bodies by the order of the gods went back to the spirit world, that is, when the living things were dead, many of them can not get to the place they have to reach. The spirits, in this case, are called 'Mayotta Rei (the restless and confused spirits losing their way)". Such spirits as these are restricted in the amount of smell vapor and water for their food, so that they are in agony. They sometimes come to ask for your help, sometimes haunt you, or possess you.

We call 'Kuyoh' saving these spirits, or making them leave, and call 'Kuyoh-Hoh' the Heavenly rule of these Kuyohs.
Some of the will-waves (wishes) given out by spirits bring bad influences on humans and other spirits. You can also use this Kuyoh-Hoh even to make the waves of such will stop.

Followings are some instances of the symptoms that appear when animal-souls possess you.


Possessed by them, you will have a high fever, become lame, be afflicted with diarrhea, or come to dislike taking a bath. Suddenly you sometimes lose your lives.

A certain wife was lame for a long time due to having been possessed by a spider-soul in her waist-joint.

A certain child was hospitalized for infant diarrhea, and his mother was told by his doctor that it was too late for him to be cured. His mother was surprised to hear that and ran to me.

At once the Kuyoh for the spider-soul was done. She found her child already cured when she returned to the hospital. His doctor was surprised, and thought it very mysterious.

In addition to this, the lame wife was also cured. We have many instances like these.

Spider-souls sometimes caused a convulsive fit, stricture of the heart, and other ailments.

As for spider-souls, the fact that you often dislike taking a bath, will make it easy for you to be aware of whether a spider-soul possess you or not.


Your skin is dotted with a red-rash, which feels very itchy. This can not be cured with any medicine. A swelling sometimes forms on your skin, and moves to different parts of your body. In a serious case, the bones of your limbs corrupt, you lean as a rake, or you become like madman and twist yourselves like a snake.

Cattle-souls, horse-souls, and pig-souls

You have a habit of chewing the cud, or of lying down just after meal. Or, you have a hot forehead. You also show the same symptoms as when Hotokes (dead person-souls) come to ask for your help. They sometimes come to cling to you sticking to some meat you take, in other words, they sometimes cling to you even if you have nothing to do with them (you have never kept them). If you are thoughtless about these symptoms, you will be afflicted with some ill-defined disease.

Earth worm souls

Their possession will cause sore and itchy symptoms in your eyes, nose, mouth, or privates, or will bring on a high fever no less than 40. However, you will often get well quickly if you free an earth worm after putting it on your palm and cleaning it with clear water saying "Forgive me for my having sprinkled a filthy thing on you." There were some instances where the eye-diseases were not cured in spite of medical treatment for a long time, but got well on the day after the apologies like the above were made.


An itch on the whole body so intense that you can not sleep at night, or an itch like nettle rash is often caused by fish-souls. If you take some sugar-water, and your itch stops, the itch will be undoubtedly caused by fish-souls. Of course, you should do Kuyoh (religious ceremony for saving fish-souls) for them when you have such an experience. There was an instance where a certain person's itchy symptom which was not cured inspite of one year's medical treatment had ceased since our Kuyoh-Hoh was used. You should study about this because some of the allergic diseases can be cured by our Kuyoh-Hoh (Heavenly rule).


These souls bring on eye-diseases, night-blindness (nyctalopia), a habit of sleeping with one knee bent, and other symptoms. If you are careless, you will be seriously ill before long.
However, you can escape from these diseases with our Kuyoh-Hoh.

Thus, you have to be careful because any animal-soul may possess your bodies, and bring on various disasters. In case you kill some animal at your service, you must save it with Kuyoh-Hoh at times when it loses its way, and is restless, or some misfortune will come upon you in the future.