27. Konjin

Many people are often injured when they clear the land or break fresh land, and build houses without any previous notice. If you always throw out filthy water everywhere, you will be afflicted with facial paralysis, or facial neuralgia. And, even when a child falls to the ground, the Konjin on the spot sometimes gets angry and makes it feel a severe pain saying "You struck me on the face." Or, a Konjin sometimes unreasonably blames you saying "You dashed against me.", and afflicts you with a serious illness. A Konjin is very difficult to deal with, for its existence is beyond your vigilance because it is invisible to you, and moreover, it lives anywhere. However, you will get well quickly if only you apologize and practise the Kuyoh to remove it from you (this Kuyoh-Hoh is the same as the one of Kohjins), because a god called 'Konjin' has a duty to let people believe in gods.