28. Shuhnen (wish-attachment)

We call 'Shuhnen' a series of obstinate wishes of 'desire', and all the phenomena caused by such wishes.

Shuhnen attaches to persons, souls, or things, and therefore, you will meet with various disasters if you have anything to which Shuhnen has been attached. On the other hand, the man who attaches his Shuhnen to a thing is also punished by gods. As for whether Shuhnen is attached to a thing or not, you can recognize it if you periodically meet with some disaster from the day you get the thing. The Shuhnen can be taken away with the Shuhnen Kuyoh-Hoh (the Kuyoh-Hoh (to clear off Shuhnen) and the Shuhnen Zange KuyohHoh (the Kuyoh-Hoh for the apology for having given out Shuhnen). Thus, you can escape from the disasters of Shuhnen (wish-attachment).

To property gained through some dispute, used things, or objects of art and curios often attaches Shuhnen.

Followings are several real instances:

A certain couple were afflicted with serious headaches. They were in extreme poverty from their business depression all because the couple bought a sewing-machine sold at auction.

A certain merchant could do no business when he put on forfeited clothes.

A certain manager of a factory could not get any orders, however hard he might try, and was in great trouble. However, one order after another has come to him since the day after the Shuhnen attached to the factory was cleared off by the Kuyoh-Hoh (the Heavenly rule to clear off the Shuhnen).

A certain person had no business at all in spite of having had good business previously. This was caused by the Shuhnen of other's desiring to live in his house. However, his business went well again after the Kuyoh for extinction of Shuhnen was done.

A certain man suffered from a sickly constitution, and a series of misfortune owing to the Shuhnen (obstinate desires) of having been eagerly longed for as an adopted son.

All the five members of a certain family were in much trouble from violent diarrhea for several days. The diarrhea began at the night they were given five pieces of candy from a miser, and each of them ate the candy.

One day Mr.So and so suffered from a bad stomach ache. He remembered that he ate twenty pieces of Mochi (rice cake) which were given to him by a skinflint old woman next to his house three years ago, and he did not return her kindness. However, he got well quickly after I let him apologize to her "I'm sorry for not having returned your present of Mochi." and let him burn and hold 16 incense sticks. This is the case caused both by Nenryoh (a grudge in this case) and Shuhnen (obstinate desire)

These disasters have all been dissolved with the Kuyoh Hoh (Heavenly rule to take away Shuhnen).

Here is an interesting case. A certain teacher bought a new watch just after the World War U, but it stopped each time he put it on. Though it was repaired several times at the watch shop, it did not go when he put it on, but worked at the shop. Though it was quite new, the Shuhnen (obstinate desire) of many others' desire for the watch had been attached to it. However, it began to go just after the Kuyoh for clearing away the Shuhnen (obstinate desire), and it has been running well since then.

A certain man came to ask me if it was all right for him to receive an old scroll picture which was handed to him as a security for the money he lent. I advised him that the scroll was an unlucky thing which caused people to lose their fortunes as it went from one hand to another as a security for the lent money. On his investigation, it was proven that the scroll used as security for money ruined one millionaire after another in those days, about l927.

In another case, fire broke everytime someone got a certain calligraphy scroll, but the scroll always escaped the fire, and the price advanced higher and higher after every fire. It was a work written by Sanyoh Rai, a great calligrapher. This was also caused by Shuhnen (obstinate desire).

A certain person said that everytime he decorated his room with Hinaningyohs (display dolls) someone of his family got ill, and this had been happening every year for ten years. The Dairisama (doll Emperor and Empress) were presents to his child from a friend as congratulatory gifts at Hinamatsuri (the festival for little girls). They were the dolls with a sad story about a quarrel between husband and wife. The wife left home because the man presented them to the other's child without buying them for his own child. I heard from him that the members of his family had not gotten ill since the year when the Kuyoh for taking away the Shuhnen was done, and the person himself who had given those dolls to him visited him three months after the Kuyoh was done. That was a meeting after 13 years' separation. From the above, I think you also have to look back upon your past.