29. Breeding of bodies, and the souls and the parasitic souls
 First, gods created amoebas, and, as basic of the bodies, have been creating various shapes of body, and trying to increase them. And, into each increased body gets each soul with its own duty.

 As for human bodies (the same with other animal and plant bodies), in the spirit world, each group of gods concerned creates each part of a human's figure of Shohs (Ref. page 14: a kind of cement), and another group puts them all together, and brings this original figure of Shohs as a physical body to completion (in this process, gods sometimes fail), and carries it into human's womb, where along this shape of Shohs, a spermatozoon and an ovum repeat their energetic multiple division. In other words, the division of the cells which a physical body consists of is based on the figure of Shohs which is carried from the god world (any work in the god world is done through division of labour). Meanwhile, an embryo is brought up by a soul ranking in worm.

 When the embryo is nearly completed in about five months, a soul ranking in human is ordered and sent into the fetus in place of that soul ranking in worm, and the fetus comes to show its function as a human. Meanwhile, its mother's body is influenced by a soul ranking in worm, or a soul in the fetus, so that mother's nature (charactor) may be sometimes extremely change.
There are four kinds of ways for increasing of body: embryo, egg, seed, and self-division (like amoebas). As for the last, one body where one soul lives divides into two, and the other soul lives there. In any case, a soul whose rank deserves a given disciplinary body is ordered to get in. We call this soul 'Simei-rei (charged soul)'. You must bear in mind that each soul charged with some duty can live in any kind of living thing bodies.

 A living thing has a strong will to live, in other words, a will to try to achieve its duty by driving its physical body, and therefore, when it must leave its physical body, that is, when it dies, before its span of life, it is made to lose its way because it often retains its lingering desire for this world. In such a case, the living thing-soul is visited with Heavenly punishment, so that it is not allowed to take any smell vapor and water (moisture), food in the spirit world. For this reason, it agonizes so much that it clings to or possesses other living bodies. Human bodies can also be possessed by other various souls. Such parasitic souls control even your mind and often bring various disasters on you.

 Parasitic souls possess human bodies and other living bodies in spite of having their own physical bodies , for instance , colon bacilli that help you for the production of smell vapor , and on the other hand , intestinal worm - souls that prevent you from attaining your Gyohs ( disciplines ) . Some of them who have comparatively powerful Tsuhriki ( the power gained through their own efforts ) derange your mind and lose your temper . In this case , when a vermifuge alone can not expel them , if you take the medicine praying expelling worms to the gods presiding over expel - ling worms , the worms will be easily expelled and you will feel easy and refreshed . There was an instance where a certain person stopped his heavy drinking after a tape-worm was expelled . There live some persons who can make as much money as they like as long as they drink, but who can not make money when they stop drinking. And, there are some people who drink all the money that they make without thinking of their families, but think only of themselves. Their families always suffer from financial depression and other difficulties. This is owing to the fact that they are made a sport of, and made use of by these animals-souls. Such animal - souls possess human bodies and make money, make a living through the bodies. The persons possessed by such animal - souls have double personalities and have a lot of animal-like qualities . They tend to be great eaters because those souls take off a lot of living ions from their bodies and carry away the living ions by Tsuhriki ( personal power ) into their own animal bodies which are hidden somewhere . When even an animal-soul has its powerful Tsuhriki ( power ) , the phenomena like above happen . Followings are a few of especially interesting instances:

 A Ryuh-Oh (Dragon-King) who got into a human body

 A certain girl fifteen years old suffered from a strange disease. She was a beautiful girl who seemed healthy at a glance. She could not swallow any food. She did not take any except a Daikon (Nipponese radish), and sometimes took a Manjuh (buns with bean-jam filling). She was not thin, but rather heavier than usual. As soon as she ate them, she vomited them. She had five doctors of her relatives, but they could not find the cause of her disease in spite of their careful medical examination and study. I hear that the amount she vomited was more than the amount she had eaten. And, strangely enough, she knew many things that she had neither been told nor taught. She could knit though she had never learned. Even when she was upstairs, she knew what her family were saying and doing downstairs, and therefore, her family could not have any confidential talks. She was at the head of her class though she did not study at all. It was said that she was a really mysterious daughter who could foretell things that would happen in future. I found that a Ryuh-Oh (Dragon-King) who had lived in the pond named Tashirogaike (in Nagoya) possessed and lived in her body. I heard that one of her male ancestors in the third generation caught the Ryuh-Oh that dropped in at his house on the course of a mission, and revealed his body because he was visited with Heavenly punishment. He put it in a barrel, and threw it away in the river. After I persuaded her to offer her sincere apology to the Ryuh-Oh and she did it, she was able to eat only a cup of rice. Her family was glad to see her do this. Her family and their connections died out one after another because the Ryuh-Oh who lived in her body took off and lived on the living ions from their bodies, but she herself had very good health. I have heard nothing about her since then.

 A cat-soul who lived in a certain person's abdomen

 A certain man came to ask me for the Kuyoh (religious ceremony) to drive out cat-souls (the Kuyoh for dispersion of cat-souls). He suddenly made much noise in the middle of the Kuyoh (ceremony) 'Mew mew, gyao gyao !', and ran about in the hall for the Kuyoh-ceremonies in a pose like a cat. Just after the Kuyoh, he came to himself, for the cat-soul who had lived in his body for a long time was driven out of his body. Many members of his family were killed in a short time, one after another, by the cat-soul, but after the Kuyoh, none of those remaining were killed.

 A raccoon dog-soul who lived in a certain woman's abdomen

 One evening , in the middle of our chanting 'Takamanoharashingihon', one of our Kyohtens (canons), together, I began to do a ceremony of purification, and, just at the time a new comer, a fine looking woman sat in front of me. I did not know her name, address, or any other details.
The moment that the Goheis (religious tools used to expel possessing spirits; to purify) for purification were moved for her, she suddenly began to throw herself around speaking in a strange voice so loud that all the believers present there were surprised at it. "Oh! That hurts! Ouch! ouch! Please don't! Keep silence!" I kept chanting the Kyohten without showing any regard for her. Meanwhile, she sat with her legs crossed, saying "Oh! Too noisy! Heigh-ho! I can't help it now my true color has been revealed. I shouldn't have come rather than be placed in such a plight like this. Helpless! Do what you like! I'm a raccoon dog just as you perceived. I'm one of the six that survived with our own physical bodies around here. Her body is good for me to live in. I never like to live in a raccoon dog body, because I can eat anything when I possess this woman." "Where did you lay aside your body ? What ? My body ? I let it lie under a certain floor. Now I can live as long as I want, and none can find it and kill it, you know. As long as I live in her body and eat some food, I can carry enough living-ions to my body to keep it alive. Because my body is different from an inconvenient one such as yours. Whose body am I going to possess next ?" "You, do not possess anyone trying to reform himself. Leave her body." "Well, that's too difficult. What shall I do ? I can not live without her body. I may seem bad to you, but I possessed bad natured persons only, and I can't be punished by gods, I think. May I possess anyone else then ? Give me your permission." "Yes, you may. If he is the greedy and bad natured person, you may make a puppet of him." "Then, I'll leave her body. Today, I'm cold. Hungry. May I trouble you to give me something to eat ? Pickles of Hakusai (Chinese cabbage; a white rape) or anything will do."
The woman with a full set of artificial teeth devoured it moving her head right and left just as dogs do in eating. Her actions were just like a raccoon dog's. "Give me a bit of Omiki (Sake or liquor)" said the raccoon dog through her mouth casting a contemptuous glance at all the believers surprised al her, and drank direct from a bottle (0.36 litters), and began to untie her Obi (sash for Kimono) and put off one Kimono after another. At last as she began to put off her Nagajuban (an underwear for Kimono), and even her Koshimaki (an under-waist cloth for Kimono), we prevented him (the raccoon dog soul in her body) from taking them off by three persons pressing the hem of her Nagajuban (an underwear) to the floor. As he was very strong, if we had not tried to prevent him, she would have been stripped naked. "Oh! You ! What are you doing before me? The body you are possessing is a woman's, isn't it? To have the body naked before us here, we shall get into trouble, shan't we?" "Oh, sorry. I'm careless, as I absorbed myself in eating." said the raccoon dog-soul, and sat with legs crossed again. As her sexual organ was fully exposed to view, we pressed her hem, and left the raccoon dog-soul to use her body as he liked. He quickly drank up Sake of about 0.72 litters through her body, and said "Give me some Shiosenbei (salted rice cracker)." When I said we didn't have it then, he outlined by gesture the shape of a biscuit can, and said "There are two pieces of Shiosenbei (salted rice crackers) in it. That's OK." When I let a believer examine the can, the two pieces were found as he had said, and I gave them to him. "Good ! Good !" he said, and ate them with relish. "I feel something lacking. Oh, that's it. Give me some Botamochi (rice cake dumpling covered with bean paste). After I eat it, I'll leave her body." "As I haven't got it now, come here again at seven p.m. tomorrow. I'll have it ready by the time." "Then, I'll come here possessing this body tomorrow, too. Be ready, please. Now, I'll leave this body for a while, Good by !" Just after that her body sprang up and down 'rattat-tat' and a voice of 'yo !' was given out, her body fell flat on her breast and was twitching. She came to, and found herself in such a shameful aspect, she began to get angry, and said with a threatening look "You stripped me naked." I laughed and said "I thought you were a fine lady the first time. How can you do such a shameful act before me in spite of your meeting with me for the first time ! You, ask those here present about your behavior if you doubt me." She hurriedly put on her Kimono saying "How shameful !", and ran out without saying anything. All the believers there were trembling and pale, and said she would never visit the next day. I made many Botamochis (rice cake dumpling covered with bean paste) for that raccoon dog-soul as promised, and waited for him offering a big earthen plate (about 1.2 feet across in diameter) full of them on the altar, and chanting Kyohten (Canon) that evening with many believers. The moment that clock began to strike seven, we heard the front door open. That lady who had visited us the day before came in, and walked swiftly saying "Is the promised food ready?", and sat with crossed legs saying "Heigh-ho". When I offered him the Botamochis (rice cake dumpling covered with bean paste) together with plate, he said "Oh, wonderful! Good, good ! That's it ! That's it !", showing his true color of a raccoon dog. When I said "Shall I prepare a small plate ?" He replied "Don't mind. I like them better on the big plate.", and she grabbed one Botamochi after another with the plate on her knee, and devoured them with her hand very sticky with bean jam, with her mouth wide open, If her relatives had seen that, they would have fallen down in a swoon. After he ate almost all, and played with the rest, he offered one of them to a believer next to him saying "Won't you eat this one ?". One of the believers cleared her sticky mouth with bean jam , and advised him not to make her Kimono dirty , and then , he thrusted her face in the believer's, and said "Hey , you ! I'm a handsome man, am not I? I'm a he-raccoon dog. This woman I'm possessing is of an easy going disposition. Oh, I overate myself painful. I feel these Kimonos tight. I'll take them off. This woman has so many things like this. She does not mind a bit even if one or two of the Kimonos are made dirty. She is not such a poor fellow like you.", and he began to untie her Obi (sash) and put off all her Kimonos except her underwear. We tried to keep him from taking off underwear, but he was too hard to deal with because he was an animal soul. "Hey, you, a handsome man over there, come here. Your wife is possessed by a friend of mine. Anyhow, you're a handsome man. Won't you take this one?" he said, and stretched out her hand in which he had one Botamochi to the believer. "Hey, the fatty woman over there! Come here." He called a lady of almost fifty years old, and said "You're like this woman (the woman he is now possessing) because you're possessed by a fox-soul. Let's be friendly with each other from now on. I'll call on you very often. This lady's mind was also very changeable and she was always cruel to her daughter-in-law. Well said ! "A woman possessed by a fox" I was impressed with him having enough power to read a human's lie like the truth, as he could possess a human. The lady had an unlucky fate as she did not try to reform herself. After he exposed all the faults of the believers present, he laughed his rough laughter saying "I'll possess you if you won't try to reform yourselves. He drummed his belly, saying with a funny look "Well, I'll leave this woman's body. May I go to the next house? I'll meet you (writer) again when I possess someone else some day. I have done damage to many other religions and have sometimes taken even some lives, but, here, I am defeated. Good by !" Her body sprang up and fell on her face with a shout of "Yo". After a while, she sat with a dim and spiritless look.

If she had been a lady with humanity (if she had managed her body only by herself), she could not have come here before me. It's very dangerous for you to be inhabited in your bodies, that is, to be possessed, by a fellow like this. When possessed and made puppets of even by Mononoke (here, animal and plant-souls), you do such things thoughtlessly as the above woman did, and you have a double or triple personality, so that you even deny what you do or say. I'm surprised to know that there are many people like this in the world. Most of people never realize they are possessed and are made puppets of however high they may hold their heads. It can be safely said that those who are afraid of me, or those who make light of me, as a dog howling in the distance, are almost always possessed by such kind of souls. Whether they are possessed or not can be easily judged from their looks, because the possessed are very changeable in their eyes.

Tengen's Kuyoh-Hohs can make any bad souls leave you, and can clear off any animal-like traits in your mind, and can instill in your mind a good and peaceful personality.

An old image of Kannon

 A soul can live in a rock, a doll, or any other substance. Especially, a doll, an image, and etc. are easy for a soul to live in, and so you must be cautious of such things in your house.

 A certain person's son ran wild. He was in much trouble and wept saying "I always lose control of myself." On my investigation, it came out that a Ryuhjin (one of the titles of god) who lived in an old image of Kannon (one of the titles of god) in his house did harm to him. However, he became a good son, as if he had been reborn, after I let him throw the image into the sea, and let him do the Kuyoh to make possessing Ryuhjins leave.