30. Mind-capsule
 In the Yuhmujin world, the world of the highest gods presiding over existingness and nothingness, there are some places where they create many kinds of mind-capsules ( Kokoro-no-utsuwa) only and put them out at their own will, where they are interested in creating various shapes or types.

 There are only two kinds of electric original ions, negative and positive, there are many kinds of electrons, and there are even more kinds of Shohs, which have an adhesive-like paste or cement. Atoms are created just as fruit is created according to their kinds, and therefore, you can easily understand what types of atoms have been created if you imagine various kinds of fruit. I think it is very interesting to study what fruit can be compared to each atom.

 When many free atoms are put together, various colors can be seen according to the way they are put together. Yet, it is impossible for humans to see and extract even one atom. There are many kinds of atoms of gold just as there are many kinds and shapes of peaches. Some gold is blackish (from India), while the other is, what we call, golden. Even each atom of hydrogen is, to a faint extent, different in its nature from each other, and therefore, indentical hydrogen atoms can not be created.

 Science is only theorizing what comes from chance or imagination, and a theory is often upset by some new discovery. If a positron exists, a negatron must exist. Thus, one discovery always leads to another discovery.

 Yuhmujins, the highest gods in all mother nature, are creating various types of mind-capsules which show various natures by mixing a faint quantity of atoms, Shohs, electric ions, and so forth (of various kinds) with each other.

 A 'Konpaku (a spirit original soul)' , even if it is alive and works its own will, can not give forth any will-waves (thought-waves) without a medium of 'mind-capsule', and therefore, if a mind-capsule is not given to a spirit original soul, that spirit can never have any influence on other parts of all mother nature however powerfully it may work its own will.

 Mind-capsules, which are made of flabby original substance with faint materiality, are very sensitive. The mind-capsules given to the souls ranking in human and Hotoke (dead person-souls) are globe-shaped, about six to eight inches across in diameter. If you keep calm in mind, you can sometimes know the size of your own mind-capsules because you feel the capsules catch various waves coming in from outside.

 A mind-capsule is a very important apparatus both for transmission and reception of will which a spirit original soul gives out. You may laugh at me and say that I must not speak such nonsense and that a will must be transmitted and received through five senses: eyes, mouths, ears, noses, and feeling. But, if you are deprived of your mind-capsules by other spirit original souls, you will be living corpses. Any god, if deprived of his given capsule, will be quite useless because he can neither give out any will of his own nor can he receive any will from others. He is, so to speak, 'only alive' as a living corpse! A mind-capsule sometimes gets out of order. However, it can be repaired by the gods presiding over mind-capsules.

(1) Heart

 Though I said that'heart' is a degree of nobility of your speech and behavior which appear through all the mediums of mind-capsule, spirit soul body, soul body, and physical body in compliance with the will given out by you (spirit original soul), here I will tell it in a little more detail.

 Even the highest gods without spirit soul bodies, if they did not create their own mind-capsules, could neither give out any will-waves (thought-waves) and electric waves nor could they receive any will-waves from others.

 The mind-capsules which have already been given to you (spirit original souls) must be carefully used to eternity, or until the capsules are exchanged with the other ones by the gods. You (spirit original souls) must have your own mind-capsules with you at all times. Wherever you may go, you must not part with the capsules under any condition, If you should be so surprised or shocked that you go dashing out of your mind-capsules, you may be deprived of them by other spirit original souls who do not have their own mind-capsules, and you will be without them forever. Gods warn you about this.

 When you (spirit original souls) get in mind-capsules and give out your will, the capsule vibrate delicately to raise waves, which we call 'will-waves'. First, the will-waves work your spirit soul bodies, and next, the machines of soul bodies are worked by the electric action raised by the spirit soul bodies. And, the soul bodies send electric current to your nervous systems, so that the machines, so to speak, physical bodies are operated. Some parts of your physical bodies are not operated even with the electric current raised by your will-waves (thought-waves), in other words, are not under your control -- such parts are under the control of an automatic nerve. But, you know your own will without working the nervous systems at your brain, though you can not express your will with your physical bodies without using your brain's nervous systems.

 Thus, various kinds of thoughts come to the surface, and a degree of their nobility is, what is called,'heart'. In other words, the way each wish such as love, desire, and so forth appears is 'heart'.'Heart' consists of 'He' and 'art', and can be taken 'He arts'. This means how technically a man (spirit) expresses what he thinks in his mind. Absurd heart will appear on the surface if you are not skillful in the process of changing inner-will (mind-will) into out-will (wish), in other words, in the process of outwardly expressing your will.

 Over a long period, your mind-capsules sometimes become blurred, or, because of some shock, sometimes get out of order, or are interfered with by the will-waves (thought-waves) coming from others, so that 'heart' which is not identified with your true will appears on the surface. At a time like this, your physical bodies do not hesitate to do things against your will, though you (spirit original souls) are much troubled in mind, and are a focus of public criticism, it being said "That's an ill-natured fellow." In this case, you can not cure such an ill-natured heart by yourselves without avoiding the interference of those will-waves coming from others. However, if you should like to be cured, you can be cured by clinging to gods and using 'the Rule of 12 smell incense sticks' and 'the Rule of rice', rinsing four times after washing three times. If your ill-natured heart is left as it is, you will hate yourself in the end because your own will is not indentified with your heart. You have to cling to gods and study hard so that your will can be in accord with your mind. A spirit original soul, its will, and electric original ions react to one another in close contacts.

 (2) Resonance of mind-capsule

 A mind-capsule has innumerable radial lines. When a spirit original soul gives out some will, its mind-capsule subtly vibrates, and the vibration transmits to the lines, from which a transverse wave and a longitudinal wave occur at the same time and reach infinity in a moment. We call these 'will-waves'.

 Will-waves consist of longitudinal waves and side waves. Both of them work at the same time. Coefficients of vibrations which mind-capsules have can be freely changed by making the capsules hard or soft, and by fastening or loosening them. When a certain spirit original soul gives out its will and fits the coefficient of vibration which its mind-capsule has to the one of vibration which the other's capsule has at this time, a resonance vibration occurs in the other's capsule, so that the latter spirit is at the mercy of the former spirit. We call 'a spirit of powerful Tsuhriki' a spirit original soul who has gained the technic.

( 3 ) Jin-tsuhriki

 All the mind-capsules were created in the Yuhmujin world, the highest god world, and were given to every spirit original soul, so every god there knows well about the performance of mind-capsules.

 A spirit's mind-capsule, getting resonant with will-waves (thought-waves) from higher gods' mind-capsules, produces resonance in the other's mind-capsules. We call this power 'Jin-tsuhriki'. In other words, it is the power that exerts influence upon others with higher gods' will-waves that a spirit can receive with its own Tsuhriki. Any vibration of mind-capsules can be transmitted to anything that has some materiality, and can cause resonance in it. If only a spirit can identify the coefficient of vibration that it gives out through its mind-capsule with a certain coefficient of vibration that its object has, anything, however big it may be, can be moved, or existence can be created out of nothingness, or it can be changed into nothingness. Mediums which propagate vibration are ether (Ref. page 17), which transmit vibration to infinite distances in a moment.

 In the Yuhmujin world, the highest gods create various shapes of mind-capsules, put five or six of them side by side, and sometimes vibrate them at the same time, or sometimes vibrate them alternatively.

 They enjoy creating or putting out various phenomena in the grand natural nature by making the vibration cross with or interfere in the waves 'Dew daw, dew daw' coming from the Capsule of the grand natural nature, which is called 'Menoh-no-tama', a kind of ball or capsule covered with a wall of super energy.

Menoh-no-tama, a kind of ball made of super energetic wall, has 35 small balls in its inside, and each of them consists of seven universes. The shape of each ball is 'similar to a tangerine where there are seven segments. An astronomer knows only one of the seven segments in one small ball. Each small ball is about 36 billions light-years across in diameter.

 And also, the gods create various shapes of things from Shohs (Ref. page 14), arrange them, and produce resonance in them. Under influence of this, various kinds of things come into existence or vanish in the under world. All the phenomena in the grand natural nature are mysteries due to various coefficients of vibration.

 You may laugh at me and say that I must not repeat such nonsense. Yet, indeed, the gods put side by side various shapes of animals and their sexual organs made from Shohs, and produce resonance in each other. Each resonance vibration is mixed together or cross, so that such complicated vibrations like voices 'Wan wan', 'Raw raw', 'Nyan nyan', and so forth come out. These vibrations make puppets of this world. All the other gods compose a kind of odes in order to get the secret technic of adjusting the coefficients of vibrations of their own mind capsules to the ones of various vibrations from others, and try to adjust the coefficients of vibrations sent by Yuhmu-jins (the highest gods) or from the grand natural nature at any moment. If they can do it, great Jin-tsuhriki (Heavenly power) will reveal itself in them. For the purpose, they think out odes (a kind of lines), what is called, 'Sowaka' with variously combined letters or words, and use them as their own 'spell formula'. As long as a spell formula is not common, only the god who thinks it out is allowed to use it. For instance, '(omoi wa onaji tomoni mitsu)' is one of the spell formulas, only used by some god, and can not be known and translated -- this formula is for penetrating other's thought in its mind. It is great to master truth. However, it is very difficult to find and where it is. Every god is usually gifted from Uppers with Jin-tsuhriki in accordance with its services or achievements. Any Jin-tsuhriki (Heavenly power) is a kind of coefficients of vibrations given forth from the Yuhmujin world, and, every spirit, if the coefficient of vibration of its mind-capsule is in accord with the former, can get such a great power that existence can be created out of nothingness, or it can be changed into nothingness.

 We humans must master the technic of clinging to gods. A mind-capsule has a great power to destroy and put out, or create anything by causing resonance even in the grand natural nature with a certain vibration of the mind-capsule. You marvel at, or doubt the marvelous phenomena in the grand natural nature without knowing how to use your mind-capsules.