5. Spirit original souls, languages (incantations), and electric original ions.

 Grand natural nature has been functioning with the waves of out-will and languages given out by spirit original souls, and electric original ions.

Inauspicious words are taboo. Spirit original souls get into spirit soul bodies to be born as spirit souls, then get into soul bodies to be born as souls, and get into physical bodies to be born as living things in order that each of them may raise its own spirit-rank higher, and partake of the food of smell vapor and water (moisture).

Spirit original souls, who have their own free mind-will (just as human's faces are different from each other's) are lives themselves without figures. When I say 'You', I speak to the spirit original soul (you). As for spirit soul bodies, soul bodies, and physical bodies, other spirit original souls, other spirit souls, and other souls often get into these bodies, making use of them. This is why you can not move your bodies at your own will. You must always be on your guard. You must always keep your bodies for yourselves so that you (as spirit original souls) can operate them at your own will at any moment. Under such conditions your mind must be very serene and refreshed at all times. It is due to worldly thoughts, that is, the out-will given out by other spirit original souls that you are prevented from using your good judgement. The best way to solve these difficulties is that you cling to good gods to have your sins expiated by them.

All the electric original ions, Shoh, atoms, molecules and matter are at the mercy of the waves of out-will, and languages given out by spirit original souls, spirit souls, or souls, who work through their out-will. When you go shopping, if you ask for something, it will be given to you by other souls, that is, other persons. Thus, the waves of out-will and languages have power which also let other spirit original souls, other spirit souls, and other souls move. You (souls) and your physical bodies are often made a puppet by those waves and languages given out by them.

 The insane are the people whose bodies have been possessed by other spirits, or whose brains have been destroyed by amoebas for punishment of some sin, or who are being made a puppet by the waves of out-will and languages given out from other parts. Even they can be surprisingly cured, if they receive treatment from both the spiritual and medical point of view.

Supposing that all the matter in the grand natural nature is dissolved to the end, what do you think it will be? I think you know that the earth and the other planets keep giving off heat and are becoming colder and colder. If, conversely, these receive heat, they will be intensely heated lumps, and will melt gradually into gases, and moreover, these gases will be reduced into plus and minus electric original ions. These plus ions and minus ions have the property of pulling against each other, but do not have any ability to separate from each other by themselves. Even judging from these facts, you will find those ions have no will. If all these plus and minus electric original ions pulled against each other, and discharged and neutralized at the same time, inactive and counteractive grand natural nature would come forth because they can not separate from each other by themselves. From this you will be aware that, so to speak, materialistic grand natural nature would become unactive.

With your out-will, you can make things and give various changes in their shapes by using your own physical bodies, and can let other people move (work) and make things through your expression (words). Spirit original souls, spirit souls, and souls can also create various things by managing material electric original ions, Shohs, atoms, molecules, and matter at their own will with the waves of out-will, and languages, that is, incantations or spells.

A language or word is a kind of incantations established by mutual consent among many spirit original souls of high rank. The scale of ability within which spirit original souls can influence is in accordance with their rank. To raise yourselves in rank, to get a higher spirit-rank, you yourselves (spirit original souls) have to be born in the spirit soul world, in the soul world, or in the living thing world, and, in each world, you are charged with your duties. Various rules have been laid down for the disciplines for promotion of the ranks, and are more and more difficult according to the degree of rank. You must not be self-conceited, incautious, lost or fascinated. There is something obvious in the difference between each rank in the god world, and also an incomparably great discrepancy in ability, both in Jin-tsuhriki (power gifted from higher ranking gods) and Shinriki (god's power).

There are innumerable spirit original souls, who are immortal, and unchangeable in their number. Let's come to think of spirit original souls having their own mind-will. If you burned me alive, and if all the gases and the leavings were resolved to the last grain, and if you could reconstruct scientifically my physical body with all the elements, just as it was before, could it speak? If it could speak, why can not the dead speak? Isn't it a fact that some one who spoke was once there? I call a 'spirit' the one who lived there. I think you can understand the reason why a body becomes lifeless when the spirit who manages the body, no longer occupies it.

 You should not forget that physical bodies consist of the vast masses of electric small particles that amoebas make. What amoebas make is taken apart by themselves. Even after the souls who are managers of physical bodies leave, the amoebas stay behind till they destroy the bodies. Here, I think, you can understand that 'a spirit' can influence various things.

The spirits I call 'gods' are those living souls, spirit souls, and spirit original souls in higher rank than that of human. You must not forget that there live even omnipotent infinite gods. It is not easy for the gods in lower rank to believe in the gods of higher rank, still less possible is it for you humans directly to see and hear the gods, and therefore, to know their origins.

Shohs which are contained in matter, are intermediaries between atoms and ether which the gods created, and are innumerable in their number and kind. They are different from each other according to the amount of electric original ions, and they serve as a kind of adhesive cement between atoms, molecules, or others. The actual value of things depends on the quality of Shoh.
Spaces in the inside of an atom (molecule and other) are filled with Shohs, and openings left by an atom (molecule and other) combined with the other are also filled with Shohs. The Shohs are so small (smaller than atom) and scatter so quickly through the opening that you can not see them easily. The Shohs are food or energetic element for spirits (except spirit original souls without any bodies) just like water and smell vapor. Most of Nipponese people have said or heard "The Shoh of this Kimono is gone." Shohs are not spirits.

From a saying "Of all varieties of diseases, nothing is harder than poverty.", I am sure that none of you wish to be poor, nor to be ill, either. In spite of this, many people pray without knowing for misfortunes, difficulties, early death and great grieve, or to become useless persons or good for nothing fellows. The extreme Case is that some people even pray for another human's ruin without their knowledge. As for the sly and shrewd, they pray that they may be good liars, or they do not ask me any thing about themselves without taking an amount of money involved into consideration. That is from their self-centered view-points. I think something is very wrong with them.

 As all the world is moved with the expressions given out by spirit original souls, you ought to learn correctly the meanings of letters (or characters) and the words so as not to make mistakes in expression.

If you pray to gods for something unlucky or unhappy, whether you know the true meanings you express or not, they grant it. Even when you use a word thinking it has a lucky meaning, if its true meaning is for some misfortune to come about, gods will listen to the words you say without entering your feelings. You had better be careful of your expression because gods take the true meaning of the words you use in your prayer.

Buddhism is the teachings preached by Buddha in India. You must not confuse Hotokes (souls who were once born as human in this world, and who had economical activities here, and finished their disciplines (missions) as human then departed from their physical bodies) with Buddhism. If so, you have a wrong idea. I do not want you to make an absurd petition to gods to make the world and the homes 0-Shaka ('0' is a term of respect, and 'Shaka' is Buddha, and therefore, 'O-Shaka' is used as a synonym for 'a no good article' and 'a good for nothing' in Nippon) since gods are trying to make an earthly paradise despite many difficulties. Why do you think many Nipponese people call Buddha 'a good for nothing' or ca no good article'? In what sense do Americans and others use "Oh, Jesus Christ !"? And why?

Why do they have a run of bad luck in the cradle of Christianity, Buddhism, and Shintoism?
There are some areas whose histories consist of wars. You can solve mysteries and secrets of the grand natural nature when Nipponese characters, alphabet, and Nipponese syllables are put together. Inauspicious songs or expressions bring about misfortunes. Your expressions are accepted literally, so that you had better especially make sure of Nipponese characters, their composition, and their meanings.

You often say "I would rather have never been born than to have seen this day of shame.", or "If I have to do such a thing, I would die first.", "Death is preferable to dishoner.", or "I would rather be killed.", or "Things have come to a pretty pass." And also, you often say 'Tsumara nai' in Nippon. You use it in a sense of 'worthless' or 'foolish', 'sheerless', 'not important', 'nonsense', or other. However, 'Tsumara nai' does not have such a meaning. 'Tsumaru' is a verb which means 'get stopped up', 'get closed', 'get clogged' , 'get chocked' , 'get stuffed' , or other, and 'nai' is an adverb which means 'not'. Therefore, 'Tsumara nai' can mean 'go well', 'be in good condition', 'be in order' or other. Therefore, in complaining of something, if you say 'Tsumara nai', gods will let you go wrong (Tsumaru).

Why can you not say "Things have come to a difficult pass." or "I am in great trouble." when you are really in trouble? You must not forget that the words you express are accepted for what they mean.

In the spirit world they are direct and frank in all matters. When you are regarded as a liar, you will be visited with Heavenly punishment because of the sinful act of lying.

If you always make 0-shaka (a no good article, a good for nothing, a faulty teachings, and etc.), Heaven will say to you "Oh, Jesus Christ !".