6. Spirits and smell vapor

Body (Substance) - Molecule - Atom - Shoh - Electron - Ether - Electric original ion

 Every substance can be reduced into its smallest piece of and can not be reduced any smaller. Though plus ions and minus ions attract each other, they can not separate from each other by themselves. If the origins which substance consists of had its free will as some people say, the plus ions and minus ions could part from each other by themselves. Why can not they part from each other at their own will? Or, why do not all the things or all the bodies of dead persons' that are the groups of the origins of substance move or give out their wishes and words? I want you to be aware of the world of ' (live)' and ' (exist)', that is, the spirit world and the material world. We usually say, live or not' about the living things, and 'exist or not' about material things.


  A 'human()' needs food.
Human Physical body : consisting of substance.
    A 'soul () needs smell vapor and moisture.


Soul Soul Body :
something like an aircapsule consisting of small amount of molecules, atoms, and Shohs.
Spirit soul

Spirit soul

  A 'spirit soul ()' needs ions, ether, and Shohs.

Spirit Original soul
Spirit soul Spirit soul body :
consisting of small ions and Shohs.
Spirit original soul.
  A 'spirit original soul()' :
life itself without any material body, and it needs no material food.
It has its own free will.

 You say 'I' or 'myself' to a spirit original soul (you). When a spirit original soul arranges its own mind-will (the thought you have in your mind which you have not expressed; the will which is not active yet, but is still inside; only thinking of something in your mind; a mind-capsule does not yet vibrate), the arranged mind-will becomes an out-will, which shows itself through words and deeds, and the words move all the matter (masses of the electric original ions). You (a spirit original soul) express your will (wishes and etc.) through the following process; first, you give out the will-waves, with which you operate your spirit soul body to move your soul body, and next, you move your physical body by working the nervous system through operation of the soul body at your own will. You can move even other spirits and various things through expression. However, you can not move at your own will those in a higher rank than you are.

 Power consists of three elements, spirit's power, power of words, and power of matter, so that it is at the time when the three are interdependent that it displays itself perfectly. If all the powers total to the value of one, spirit's power is valued one third, power of words one third, and power of matter one third.

 I urge you to chant 'Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten' and to pray to the gods so that you may be given all these power.

 Spirit original souls and words are not substance. It is clear that they can not lose their energies. On the other hand, substance does not fail to wear out sooner or later, and also gradually waste its energies through various activities. Therefore, in the same way it is natural that physical bodies, soul bodies, and spirit soul bodies should wear themselves out, and also waste their energies. Each living thing, soul, or spirit soul is, so to speak, a unity of substance (body) and spirit original soul, and waste energies through its various activities, so that it must get energies from various food.

 Living things have to take food as raw material for the production of good smell vapor, for their physical bodies are the machines created for the sake of the production. I want you to remember how you like good smells. After you cook a large quantity of food by yourselves, even if you are hungry, you will want very little food, or you will eat only a little. Why? Because you have already taken various smell vapor through your nose.

 If the restless Hotokes (Hotoke is a general term for the souls who were once humans, who finished their duties, returning to the spirit world, but were not raised to a rank of god higher than that of human) who have not gotten to Johbutsu, and have been punished because they retained lingering desires for things worldly, or committed sins before death, get into your bodies, you will be anxious to take water, or seek to take the same food that they liked and at last you will suffer from the same diseases that they suffered from before death. This means that your machines of physical bodies are being operated by them without your knowledge. As such souls are given trials, as Heavenly punishment, for their sins, you will also be destined to suffer from the trials periodically. You must not forget that souls and spirit souls live on water and smell vapor, and you should worship your family souls, ancestors at an alter, and make offerings of water and good smell vapor to them. Let quantities of water be put on the gravestones for them. I wish you to help with our Johbutsu-Kuyoh-Hoh [Heavenly rules to save spirits to Johbutsu (rest in peace Chapt. 23)] the Hotokes who have not gotten to Johbutsu yet, and who are, therefore, restless and confused in the spirit world. Not only human bodies are the machines for the production of smell vapor. In making various things or cooking food, you need various shapes of tools and instruments, and machines. In the same way, gods also need various tools and machines to create good smell vapor.

 You are under an obligation to save, by means of Kuyoh-Hoh petition, many living thing souls who have not gotten to Johbutsu yet though they were ordered to operate their physical bodies which were useful as food for you, and already performed their missions (being killed and eaten by you humans). If you are clung to by some living thing soul, as it catches off living ions from your physical bodies which are needed for it, you will run short of the same kind of living ions and contact a disease that develops symptoms of a deficiency disease. It belongs to the sphere of medical science that gives medicine to make up for what your bodies need by checking up on your physical bodies. On the other hand., it belongs to the sphere of my teachings to show what possesses you arid to get rid of the root causes with which the living ions are taken off.

 There are three kinds of methods to save: One, the method by spirit's power (hypnotism, physic art, the art of Kiai - the art of hypnotizing by will-power), Two, the method by the power of word (consolation), and Three, the method of things (medicines, medical treatment, and other).

 However, each of them is no better than one art because each has only the power of one third.
Eventually, an the methods are under the control of out-will and words. For that reason, it is desirable that you chant 'Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten', and cling to the wishes of the good gods who are in a higher rank than that of human.

 As all worldly things are moved by gods charged with their own missions at their own will, you must not give offence to their wishes, and must try not to commit sins. If you are aware of yourselves and many other things through your daily disciplines to become good hearted, your mind-will and heart, as well, will suit divine will, and you will be moved at the good gods' own will, so that good fortune will turn in your favor, and there will be series of good fortunes. The gods are taking pleasure in letting persons help you to success or lead you to ruin, or in letting them give much money and many other things, or take them away from you.

 All the living things make smell vapor from their bodies which are food for souls. I think you should study clinging to many good gods how you can give out better smell vapor from your bodies which all the souls like, because your destinies are greatly influenced according to whether your smell vapor is liked or disliked by all the souls.

 Your physical bodies are set to work with the waves of out-will and electric waves given out by the gods presiding over them, and on the other hand, you (souls) have gotten them and been charged with your own missions to operate them by using your brains. A given period of time for which you are ordered to manage your own physical body is, so to speak, your span of life.

 You must do your best to produce smell vapor that all the souls like, by managing your machines of physical bodies, through your bitter disciplines to get the higher rank of soul. Therefore, according to your management of these bodies, you are given rewards or punishments by the gods, and I'll advise you beforehand to keep in mind that you will be abandoned in the end if your management is wrong. You need, I think, to reflect thoughtfully on yourselves as one bitter disaster after another comes upon you without your knowledge as to why they came about.

 How do you make good smell vapor (body-odors)? The good gods are united with the intent to make virtue flourish against the bad ones steeped in vice who prevent (hinder) the former, and are putting them down one after another. The gods on my side will conquer the whole god world before long. As one of the commandments (rules) in the grand natural nature, when any of the gods or spirits are seen by the one who is shut off from the spirit world, that is, the one who has come into existence in this world, if they are bad, they are to lose their own Jin-tsuhriki (the Heavenly power) gifted from higher ranking gods. I have been finding them and sentencing them to death night and day. Few of the leaders are now left. I'm sure that virtue will win. Many interesting phenomena have already come to the human world. You are free to choose vice or virtue. I think that is best for you to obey the good gods' intention and to observe their rules (commandments).

 You must not use your physical bodies in anger. Stubbornness, obstinacy, selfishness, and egotism also hinder mass-production of good smell vapor, and so you will suffer from Heavenly punishment if you have bad traits. The good gods always try to establish a happy paradise on the earth, and to make it possible for humans to operate smoothly and easily their machines of 'bodies' for the production of better smell vapor by keeping away their waste, so that those who take actions that hinder the gods' aim, and take actions that destroy disciplinary bodies are to be visited with Heavenly punishment. Therefore, you must not make light of the commandments of water gods and eight Kohjins (a kind of god's names, Chapt. 17). The out-will which a spirit original soul gives out is flashed (transmitted) to each body of the spirit soul body, soul body, and physical body into which the spirit original soul enters and operates, and is often expressed as sentiment showing itself in various facial expressions. In case that some other spirit than you gets into your machine of physical body, you will become unable to express your out-will through action, because your nervous system as a kind of feeler or antenna will get entangled or crossed through dual operation of each spirit, and your brain system and its function will get out of order, and therefore, your brain system receives various queer impressions. When other spirit of higher rank than your rank, or other spirits having superior power to your power by merit of age get into your body, unless they are the spirits charged with a duty of protection, or co-operating with you, you become unable to operate your brain and body as you like because they make free use of your nervous system, and at last you are irritated into a passion. Moreover, such excessive use of your nervous system makes it waste more energies than usual, which results in functional disorder, impossibility to operate on your own, and loss of reason. Thus, in such a case, wishes and actions of others are often expressed through your body, which leads you to lose public confidence.
When the souls who are not allowed to take enough water-vapor and smell vapor in the spirit world because of suffering godly punishment and Heavenly punishment get into your body, they take various nutritive elements necessary for them out of your physical body, so that your body loses them and you gradually grow weaker. Even when you (spirit original souls) are born as souls or spirit souls, whose bodies consist of original substance (faint ions), you have to take water and various smell vapor as food to make up for the lost energies. Therefore, spirit original souls in their own spirit soul bodies or soul bodies have a desire to keep away the waste of those bodies they operate. Self-conceit will lead the desire to go beyond its limit, and at last, will make them forget the way outlined to them by the gods for the sake of their own disciplines. They will be punished by upper ranking gods and guardian Deities, so that without their knowledge they may be subject to restriction in quantity of water and smell vapor, or may not be allowed to take anything. Many of them usually abandon themselves to evil, struggling with each other for smell vapor as the staff of life because of their great hunger. They are unaware that it is their own indescretion that brings this about.

 The spirit world once presented such a condition and those spirits formed a faction with one, as their leader, having the greatest Heavenly power, while the others were put under his control. They made bad use of incantations or spells which they gained through their own hard disciplines or were allowed to use by upper gods because of their former services, and struggled for the mastery of the other groups against each other with their Hohriki (the power manifested by gods through their Heavenly rules) under his command. On the other hand, good fellows also formed a faction with one, as their leader, having the greatest Heavenly power, and set up against the bad ones. As vice is easy, and prospers for a time, there seemed to be many fellows who are prone to vice: two thirds to vice, and one third to virtue.

 For the sake of the pleasure of all the spirit original souls, upper ranking gods first established two courses, vice and virtue as a rule of the disciplines to get higher ranks and aimed at defeating vice as the aim of disciplines. Virtue, which for a time seems to be beaten by vice, will always conquer in the end with the stronger power which virtue gains through hard disciplines. So with you, though all of you who believe my teachings and choose only the good way may at times have a feeling of failing with vice all around you, you will find that vice will fail in the world when you come to prosper through your constant efforts. You are free to choose the way you will go.

 As all the heavenly bodies created in the grand natural nature are themselves clods of the elements of smell vapor, and are the sources from which various smells, food for many souls, spirit souls, living things, can be made, they gather together to live around those heavenly bodies. As many of the gods in lower rank are tainted with vice and are engrossed in selfish behavior, the gods in high rank are sending many examining Deities to watch and examine their conduct, and to administer their rewards and punishments, constantly meting out Heavenly punishment in order to compel them reflect gravely on their conduct. In the under world a struggle for smell vapor and water has also developed into another struggle for the machines to produce them, and in the end they have made territories of their own which are opposed to each other, and do not regard it as bad to degrade others, and cooly think of themselves as champions or the highest gods, without feeling shame at the Sins they commit. They always hinder the Creators' activity for mass-production of better smell vapor.

 It seems to me very funny and foolish of them to find themselves in the wrong, and to become confused at the last moment when all their groups are destined to be punished by losing their Jin-tsuhriki (Heavenly power) and even Tsuhriki (personal power gained through one's own hard discipline), and to receive a sentence of death. Gods of high rank once sent other gods, as Chinju guardian deities (the deities charged with protection of territories) to every area by regional groups charged with a mission to destroy those vicious spirits. The vicious spirits dislike them and are fearful of them.

 In the spirit world, when a leader fails in his important mission, his whole clan is often destined to be sent into exile, after it is deprived of its Heavenly power by confiscation, but, if the leader is wicked and defeated, his whole clan must share its lot with him, and moreover, most of his clan can never be forgiven. According to this, if you believe and cling to the gods tainted with vice, it is no wonder that you are bound to share your lot with them in future. If you do not like it, your only recourse is to be so remorseful in your heart that you mend your evil ways and take sides with the good.

 However much you boast that you will not be under control of gods, nor cling to them, you are not able to come into this world at your own free will. I think most of you forget even your mission and you will not know of your mission until you are punished by the gods with great disasters or even death. If you are taking the wrong way, or are tainted with vice and straying from the righteous path, or if the gods whose orders or teachings you obey are wrong, nothing can make you free from pain except to deliver yourselves from vice and to do good. I'll watch in silence to the end. Which will win, my teachings or those against my teachings? I'm sure that the shortest way to good is to be in trouble as much as possible. There is no need to be in a hurry to save a man. It is wiser to wait until he cries out. Judging from my experiences up to the present (what I have ordered gods to do has faithfully been excuted), a complete victory for gods will admit of no doubt. It may also happen to be interesting for a human to struggle with good gods as a test. I'll watch how the matter will end and will laugh a long time until its result shows itself. I will not give a human a helping hand till he reforms himself.

 Beggars live in the spirit world as well. Though this seems crazy to those who do not know it, it is a matter of fact, and therefore, I'll make a record of it here. If you want to ridicule it, you may do so.

 Some spirits (containing gods) who can not take enough smell vapor because they took the wrong ways and were punished by higher gods, ask the others to save them. The gods unworthy to be gods, would-be-gods, or spirits of great Tsuhriki (ability or power cultivated for themselves) possess your physical bodies and even conduct trades in order to live accompanied by several thousand dependants. They, who are devoid of reason and humanity, have nothing but greed and cold hearts. They are so selfish that they seek only their own welfare. A man besieged by such spirits is often so selfish that he, usually a drunkard or a glutton, thinks little of anyone, even of his family. But, as living ions of essence in the food he takes are taken away from his body by those spirits, even if he is prosperous for a while, he will sink in the end, so that he can not even make a living. In such a condition, he often exposes an animal-like quality. This is an extreme case, but as a human is likely to be controlled by them at large, I wish you to take very careful notice of this point.

 If you are now protected and are helped by the good gods or good spirits, you will be led toward the right way so smoothly that you can live with an easy mind. All your troubles disappear when the protection and help of the gods are understood by you; if you believe our Tengen Teachings, wish to reform yourselves of your own accord, and wish to cut off the relationship with the gods and all other spirits who follow the wrong way, I allow you to make use of our Hohs (a general term of Heavenly rules to escape from disasters) open to the public, by which the vicious gods and spirits can be destroyed and you can cease all relationship with them. When you try to reform yourselves, the Vicious gods and spirits disturb your mind so desperately that firm resolutions and efforts are needed. I think there is no better method for improvement of your lot than your own firm resolutions and efforts.

 Do not forget that bad gods can be your servants in order to continue living, but good gods can not be your servants. About the relation between gods and you, gods have only to watch over your conduct, to give you rewards and punishments and to make efforts so that better smell vapor can be produced. I wish you to know that human bodies are not the only machines for production of smell vapor and because of this, many of high ranking gods take no account of human lives. To establish a fine paradise, there isn't any other good way than converting to good and abandoning evil (bad traits). You must do it as soon as possible. If you do not abandon vice, you will be given one punishment after another by the gods, even wars or struggles which you dislike, and will be tormented by such trials.