9. Guardlessness and a self-contented mind are taboo in your Gyoh (discipline)
You may say that I talk nonsense. However, I think that you may say that because you know so little about yourselves. However hard you may study science, if it deals with only one side of material phenomena, you can not give a sufficient explanation about yourselves. There is still bound to remain something lacking in the explanation. You usually use in your ordinary conversation the words 'my body', 'my hair', 'my forehead', 'my head', 'my eyes', - 'my toes', or 'my hat', 'my dress', - 'my shoes'. How can these be identical with you who express 'I'? The you who usually express 'I' belongs to an immaterial object, what is called, 'life' itself, to be expressed 'alive or not' to someone in explaining your presence. On the other hand, the things such as hair, head, hat, dress, and so on belong to the material objects not to be expressed 'alive or not' in your speaking of their existence.

Can 'alive or not' be identical with 'is or not'? If you were aware of the difference between them, you might not be so sure that you would say they could be identical. You yourselves are quite different from your bodies. I am sure that you have seen your bodies innumerable times, but never yourselves, for the bodies are machines made of material, but you yourselves are not made of material. You need to use another machine, the soul body, in order to operate the machine of your physical body at your own will, and still more need to use the other machine of spirit soul body in order to operate the soul body. In other words, you can not operate your physical body at your will without using your soul body and spirit soul body. You are lives themselves called 'spirit original souls'. Many spirit original souls live, differently from things material, in the grand mother nature where each of them say 'I', or call 'you' to each other. You often use the words 'Someone has come.'. The someone is not a material, but you usually judge his name from some features of his machine of physical body. You are also judged by your name.

You, at present, have two bodies, one soul body and one spirit soul body at the same time, with which you operate and use your physical body at your own will. I call a 'Rei (soul)', a spirit original soul who has both a soul body and a spirit soul body. When I say 'You', I do not refer to your body, or to the other souls taking possession of your body, but to you yourself, the spirit original soul charged with an important duty of managing certain bodies, physical body, soul body, and spirit soul body, under Heavenly orders.

Any number of souls other than you as a soul can get into your physical body at the same time. In a case like this, you have a hard time, so that your heart isn't serene, and is constantly surging up and you are uneasy. Some of you, whose bodies are occupied by other selfish souls, sometimes become very irrational persons, which makes it impossible to have any confidence in you. You have to be careful at all times so that your bodies may not be occupied by such souls.

You sometimes go out of your physical bodies for pleasure. Then, you, absent mindedly, can make no reply even if someone calls you by the name of your physical body. In this case, if someone calls you by name patting you on the shoulder, 'you' will be surprised by an electric wave rising from your physical body to rush back into it. As for love, it is not your body, but 'you' living within your body that falls in love. This is the reason why some people commit double suicide by their abandoning their physical bodies. If you ended in nothing at the same moment that your physical bodies died, you would not be so eager to try to achieve your wishes by killing your bodies.

Both souls and spirit souls need to take various kinds of smell vapor and Shohs (Ref. gloss.) to maintain their lives. Hungry souls seize unguarded occasions to get into your bodies and to live there, and they make you lose your reason and let you eat and drink without regard to your financial circumstance, and to let you get angry, irritable, or to worry. If some animal-soul, for instance, a badger, a cock, or other, gets into your body, you will grow very bold or arrogant, and the next moment, Will grow extremely timid. In other words, you become a dual, or even triple personality.

You must not take things easy because you are now in good financial circumstance and healthy condition, for you can be ruined in an instant and you will be punished for being unaware of divine protection, no sense of gratitude, or ill-naturedness (obstinacy, stubbornness, egotism, or selfishness). You do not realize that you can never prosper by yourselves until that time comes, and you are flustered in grieved surprise. You must know well 'A stitch in time saves nine.' You should cling to gods chanting ' Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten', while gods demand that you reform yourselves, for these words of the prayer have the meaning of 'May I be an exemplary person with the best balance in all respects, full of affection and spirit of co-operation, and in accordance with truth, reason, and laws.' And, you also should study about various sins committed by you and your family in the past. Apologize for the sins, reform yourselves, and make efforts to clear away your sins through each of the Kuyoh-Hohs or other Rules that I have taught you.

In each living thing-body which had been sacrificed to maintain your existence, there lived a soul (just as 'you (soul)' live in a human body) who kept on making efforts to grow its own physical body, so to speak, a mass of smell vapor better, and provided you humans with the one which attained full growth. Therefore, you are in a position to owe a return for its kindness, and so you must not forget that you have the duty to help such souls to get to Johbutsu (rest in peace). There live many souls who have lost their way and are restless because of having retained some lingering desire for life in this world after they provided you humans with their own physical bodies. A soul is destined to be subject to restriction on the amount of moisture and smell vapor as the punishment for its having retained some lingering desire for life in this world. Therefore, they are much distressed by thirst and hunger, and have to take possession of your physical bodies in order to get enough nutritive substances (living ions) to maintain their own soul bodies. If you are possessed by these souls, you will get weaker and weaker, and at last will die in spite of any careful medical treatment. And, you, as souls, will follow the same fate as theirs, and, because of so much pain, you take possession of your relatives, and acquaintances, so that they also will follow the same fate as you, and will die one after another. Finally your whole clan will become extinct. This repetition will bring forth a large group of souls restless and confused, and even cause such dry weather or a drought that a whole race become extinct, or all the area the race lived in become a bleak desert.

Thus, restless souls produces really terrible results. So, you should save such restless souls, through the Kuyoh-Hoh for Johbutsu. Whether Hotokes (the dead person-souls) ask you for your help or not can be judged by checking whether you have dreamt of the dead, whether your family is eager for water, fruit, and other juicy food, whether some dead person weighs heavily on your mind or not, whether your whole body or limbs feel limp, and whether some relative and acquaintance died of the same disease from which you are now suffering.

when you are possessed by some animal soul who searches for food at night, you are liable to be troubled with insomnia; when possessed by a badger soul, you have a habit of throwing your weight about, and show a particular liking for fritters and fresh meats; when possessed by a fox soul, you generally show cowardliness and fidgetiness, and a particular liking for bird flesh, beans, and boiled fish-paste; when by a cat-soul, you become a person exceedingly sensitive to the cold, and show a great hunger for fish, and are liable to have a sore throat and finger-diseases; when by a fish soul, a snake soul, a worm soul, you feel very itchy, and suffer from swellings; and when by an ant soul, you show a particular liking for sweets, or become bed-wetters, especially children. Your careful observation makes it easy for you to be aware what soul possesses a person judging from what animal's habits and actions his are similar to. When possessed by a monkey soul, you indicate a habit of thinking too much about yourself. You will get well if only you are aware of these souls taking possession of you, and save them through each Kuyoh-Hoh for their Johbutsu (rest in peace - Chapt. 23). If you let an earth worm free on the earth after you wash it with clean water saying "Excuse me for putting filth on you." , you will be relieved quickly from the sores on your private part, eye-disease, or high fever. If you do Kuyoh for slug-souls and snail-souls you will be relieved from paralysis and athlete's foot. When by locust-souls (cicada souls), you feel a ringing in your ears, and sometimes even become insane; when by tree-souls, - you have trouble with hands and legs, or a cancer sometimes grows; when by spider-souls, you come to dislike a bath, or sometimes suffer from an epidemic.

Any souls, if they lose their way and are restless, will take possession of you, so that you often suffer from various diseases. You must know that any souls, if they lose their way and remain restless, may possess you.

Of a mere small invisible amoeba, you are in deadly fear. Even tigers or dogs, if hungry or if cornered, will turn upon you. The same things can be said of all the other living things. Here you may see that misfortune and diseases are from the two causes, the actions of spirits and the actions of living things. I do not want you to forget that a human is also a kind of animal who consists of a soul and a physical body the same as all the other animals. No living things disguise themselves, deceive others or possess others so often as does a human.

Man harasses the other by possessing it every time he falls in love with it or every time he has a grudge against it. It is necessary for you to know that even animals do not have grudges against you without taking possession of you, and that you will get ill some time if you let yourselves be possessed by them. You had better study harder about spirits since you will get well sooner if you offer an apology to those souls or save them with the Kuyoh-Hoh. It is natural that any other souls should want to try using such a delicate piece of mechanism as human bodies because the better a machine is, the more eager everyone should like to try using it.

Self-enough-mindedness breeds carelessness. Accidents will happen when you fancy yourselves (when you are conceited). The more fortunate you become, the more restless Hotokes come to count on you. They come and cling to you expecting that you will do something to save them. This is the same thing as when complete strangers come around you when you flourish, and that, on the other hand, even your blood relatives and in-laws usually keep away from you when you are in distress. In the same way, the restless Hotokes come to cling to you expecting that they may be saved by you. If you leave the restless Hotokes who ask for your help without doing anything to save them, you will be bound to be in distress some day. You should do the Kuyoh for them (save them). Never be so careless that you leave them alone without doing something for
them. You will be more and more fortunate if you save them every time they come to ask for your help, because they never fail to return your kindness. (Being ungrateful is one of the most sinful deeds in the spirit world.) Therefore, it can be the basis of being free from misfortune for you to save them without sparillg any efforts and expenses. I do not think that this will impress you until you experience it.

However righteous you may be on humane grounds, you will be bound to be visited by some bitter trials if you break the Heavenly laws concerning spiritual exercises. Gods punish those who do the acts of exterminating the bodies for Gyoh (disciplinary bodies).

Therefore, for instance, you must be careful even as to the position of refuse boxes or heaps within the grounds. If the position is not proper, you will be punished and often suffer from high fever, irregular menstruation, and other ailments. In this case, you have no choice but to move them to another position. When you have a dead pile decaying in the earth within your grounds, you often suffer from neuralgia and other maladies. However, you will get well if you offer a proper apology to Kohjins, and dig up the pile. There is no room for doubt. And, also, the mere act of washing or pouring filthy things at the place where you get drinking water will bring some disease, sometimes even a cancer on you. This is the result of punishment from Suijins (water-gods). Your premises have to be kept clean. Even an open drain within the premises often brings diseases. These may not be accepted among humans as reasons to be punished, but the gods punish you.

I do not care what people may say of me because of what I say, for you will get well if you are aware of your errors and reform yourselves.