The Heavenly Teachings of Tengenkyoh Religion.



  Spirit-Ranks  *1
  Translator's preface
1. Chant"Namu Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten
2. Kyohten 'Chuh Koh Miyoh Hoh Ten'
3. Preface
4. Do gods really live?
5. Spirit original souls, languages (incantations), and electric original ions
6. Spirits and smell vapor
7. What a great number of selfish people!
8. Human world which is interestingly manipulated
9. Guardlessness and self-contented mind are taboo in your Gyoh(discipline)
10. The Gyohs(disciplines) for Ryuhjins,Inaris,or Shohdens  *2
11. The relations between Ryuhjins and Humans
12. Inari and Shohden
13. Sui-jins(water-gods) and Ido-gami(well-gods)  *3
14. A lucky and an unlucky aspect of a house
15. The Jichin-sai(The ceremony of purifying building site)
16. Ushi-90 degrees Seijohken and Hitsuji-Saru Seijohken  *4
17. Eight Kohjins  *5
18. The range over which eight Kohjins and water-gods preside
19. Bishamon  *6
20. Omoi and Renbo  *7
21. Omoi-nanyoke Hitogata Hoh (the Heavenly rule for protection
against the disasters from Omoi)
22. The Omoi from gods
23. Hotoke  *8
24. Nenryoh and Shiryoh  *9
25. Animal-souls that possess human bodies,and Kuyohs
26. The souls who live in the trees or the rocks, and the Kuyoh-Hohs for them
27. Konjin  *10
28. Shuhnen(wish-attachment)
29. Breeding of bodies,and the souls and the parasitic souls
30. Mind-capsule
  (1) Heart
  (2) Resonance of mind capsule
  (3) Jin-tsuhriki


*1 Spirit : The word of spirit is used as a generic name of spirit original soul, spirit soul and soul in the description here.
Spirit original soul : It is life itself without any material things.
Spirit soul : It is consisted of spirit original soul and spirit soul body.
Soul : It is consisted of spirit soul and soul body.
*2 Ryujin(Dragon-god), Inari, Shohden : These are the titles of the gods in the rank of Myohjin who closely control all the living things including humans and control civilization.
*3 Sui-jin is the Japanese title of the water-god and Ido-gami is the Japanese title of the well-water-god.
*4 Ushi is the north-northeast direction. Hitsuji-Saru is the direction between the south-southwest and the west-southwest. Seijohken is a sphere of purification.
*5 Kohjin is the title of the gods who protect the human's houses and their sites.
*6 Bishamon is a title of the gods in the rank of Myohjin.
*7 Omoi is to be yearned and Renbo is to yearn.
*8 A soul who finished the discipline as human, and went back to the spirit world. but, was not raised to the rank of gods.
*9 Nenryoh is the will-waves of grudge, envy, stinginess, jealousy and others. Shiryoh is the will-waves mentioned above left behind after death.
*10 Konjin is the title of the gods who live in some place on the earth and sometimes are concerned with what one says and does.