Yuhmujins (yumujin yumujin Omnipotent gods)
* The highest ranking gods who deal with "existingness" and "nothingness" at their
own will, and preside over the grand natural nature.
Ametsuchi-no-Kamis (ametsuchinokami ametsuchinokami Creators)
* The gods who control the grand natural nature.
Amatsu-Kamis (amatukami amatukami )
* The gods who control each of the universes.
Kunitsu-Kamis (kunitukami kunitukami )
* The gods who control each of the heavenly bodies.
Tenshi (tenshi tenshi Angels)
* The gods charged with transmission or communication between higher ranking gods
and the lower ones.
Myohjins (myohjin myohjin )
* The gods who closely control all the living things (including humans), and control
civilization. Inari (inari inari ), Shohden (shohden shohden ), Riten (riten riten ), Bishamon (bishamon bishamon ),
Fudoh (fudoh fudoh ), and Ryuhjin (ryuhjin ryuhjin ).
The rank of human and Hotoke
The ranks of animal and plant
Cattles, foxes, horses, raccoon-dogs, pigs, dogs, water-imps, monkies, snakes, cats, rat, and others.
The ranks of fish and shell-fish
The rank of amoeba
The above gods in each class control everything by mutual consent.
As for ranks in each class, they are classified into more detailed ranks.